Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It was 26 years ago today that Bernie Goetz fought back against his would be muggers.  Looking back, it was a turning point in New York City history.  Crime had reached record levels: the muggings, shootings, drugging, raping and robbing & killing had devastated the public. When Bernie turned the tables on the choir boys looking to rob him, it stuck a chord with millions of New Yorkers.  We had had enough.  The quality of life had diminished greatly because of crime, and the inept response the city had in stopping it.

Bernie Goetz fought back.  And in doing so, he showed  that it was possible to take a hard line against violent criminals.  Our tolerance for politicians who coddled criminals wore thin after Bernie.  Eventually, we were able to put Rudy in office, and he cracked down against crime both big and small.

But it all started with a mild mannered man on the subway 26 years ago today.

Thank you Bernie Goetz, a true New York hero.


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