Monday, December 20, 2010

Big Mama Obama

We can all agree that our public schools are a mess.  But have no fear: Big Mama Michelle Obama is here.  She spearheaded the outrageous childhood nutrition bill that will spend billions of dollars to build SALAD BARS in American public schools.

Hey,  Big Mama Obama, the problem is not what's on the menu in the school cafeteria, the problem is the kids can't read the menu.

But Big Mama Obama knows best.  She knows what we should eat, when and where.  She is a world renown expert on nutrition, and apparently gained that expertise by being married to the divider in chief.

Big Mama says we can't leave it up to parents to tell kids what to eat, instead, we should leave it up to her.

Obviously, the proper role of the federal government when to comes to food is to make sure it is safe.

The government should make sure there is no razor blades in our salt.  After that, its up to us whether to use salt or not.

Think about the insanity: of all the problems with our schools, we are going to spend billions to install salad bars.

Big Mama Obama is the cafeteria lady from hell: she puts the food on your plate whether you want it or not.

She probably sees the Belushi cafeteria scene in "Animal House" as a nutrition hate crime.



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