Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where Are They?

Fall is officially here, but somehow, you don't see the dickhead Yankee fans breaking out with the goofy jackets this year.  Baldman is no fashion maven, but I don't think the "let's put my favorite team's accomplishments directly on my clothes" look is ever going to catch on as the next big thing.   

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kagan The Radical

We have all seen that famous clip of football coach Dennis Green, distraught over his team losing to the Bears, lamenting, "They are who we thought they were!"

We can say the same thing about Lady Kaga, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan.  We knew that she was an extreme left-wing radical.  During her confirmation hearing, I believed her claim of being a moderate as much as I believed Liberace when he said he was not married because he could not find the right woman to settle down with.

Anyway, Kaga just recorded her first vote on the Court.  And she is who we thought she was.

What do you think of this legal reasoning: a convicted murderer on death row should not be executed because the drug the state wants to inject him with might not be safe?


That's Kaga for you.

A little background on the death row killer:  he was sentenced to death for killing a man after he escaped from prison.  Oh yeah, he was in prison in the first place because he was convicted of second degree murder.

Let my pal Andrew take it from here:

Today we get our first opportunity to look at how our wonderful new Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is performing by evaluating her first vote as a Supreme Court Justice, which was in support of the issuance of a stay of the execution of murderer Jeffrey Landrigan. A bit about Landrigan: According to reports, Landrigan was first convicted of the first degree murder by stabbing of his best friend in 1982. While in prison for that murder, Landrigan murdered again by stabbing another inmate 14 times. Then he escaped from prison and murdered for the third time in 1989. During the sentencing hearing for the third murder (and who knows if there are more murders attributable to Landrigan), it was reported that Landrigan made a brief statement saying, "I think if you want to give me the death penalty, just bring it on. I'm ready for it." That does not sound to remourseful for all of the lives he shattered during his murder spree, does it? Twenty-plus prison years later (and untold amounts of taxpayer money wasted on him through police, incarceration, publicly funded defense lawyers), the execution was finally arranged and it is with this background that we now Kagan's vote for a stay.

While a vote for a stay of an execution issued by an Upper West Side-raised liberal judge would not be surprising in of itself, it is the reasoning behind her decision that is most shocking. Her vote in favor of the stay was because she had questions about the "safety" of the drug, sodium thiopental, which was set to be used to execute the convicted murderer. Indeed, the lawyers on behalf of Landrigan apparently were not arguing that there was no evidence to support a conviction, or that there was DNA or something which cleared the serial murderer. In fact, it appears that there is no dispute that Landrigan killed at least three times in cold blood. The lawyers for Landrigan, however, persuaded Kagan to the logic that a stay should issue because the drug was "not safe for its intended use." If you're scratching your head at the idea that anyone, much less a Supreme Court Justice, would agree with the logic that a drug meant to kill could be "unsafe" to the person you are trying to kill, then you realize the craziness of liberal logic. In short, they will think of anything to avoid imposing the death penalty.

Kagan's vote was the minority view and the drug apparently was safe for its intended use: Mr Landrigan reportedly died peacefully by lethal injection.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No More Public Housing

Just read in the Times a story on how repair jobs for public housing are years behind schedule and that the backlog is creating dangerous living conditions.  From the Times:

Latoya Craig, 27, an administrative assistant who lives in Moore Houses, in the South Bronx, was recently told that the large hole in her bathroom ceiling would not be repaired until May. In the meantime, mold has started to bloom, causing her to worry about the health of her 6-year-old son.

When you think of the harmful affects that liberal policies inflict upon American citizens, public housing is a good place to examine.

The culture of dependency which occurs when the government supplies your housing is shameful.  That we allow this to happen, and don't take a wrecking ball to these policies is a disgrace.

When government supplies the roof over your head,  the end result is you think the government is responsible to supply all of your basic needs.  And when that happens-you are doomed.

Think about the example above. The woman has a potential hazardous condition in her apartment.  A condition that could hurt her 6-year old son.   She is told it won't be fixed until 9 months from now.

Does she fix it herself?  No.  Does she hire someone to fix it?  No.  Does she move out to another place?  Of course not.  She does not see it as her responsibility to do so.

And why should she?  We have conditioned her to think that she is not responsible for her own housing-so why should she think it's her responsibility to repair that housing?

Dependency crushes the human spirit.

And that is what they are selling-dependency

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Don't Change It

Thoughts on the NFL trying to crack down on hits to the head:

This idea is the surest sign yet that the pussification of America is in full force.  It's a straight line from play dates, to having your kid play soccer, to the NFL is too violent.

 Is the NFL violent?  Of course. The NFL is built on violence.  It's why we watch it.  The men who make their living playing football are the bravest men we have that do not wear a military uniform.  (That makes Pat Tillman doubly great, by the way.)

Compared to the Deacon Jones head slap days, the NFL is already watered down.  Why fuck with it?  I love it when a guy gets his bell rung.   And so do you by the way.

We should have seen this coming with the endless pink ribbons in the NFL.

Before you know it, they are going to make blitzing the quarterback a hate crime.

As my man Andrew mentioned, how hypocritical is it than Rodney Harrison is the spokesman for this movement?

Harrison was the dirtiest player of his time.  He was known primarily for two things: steroids and cheap shots.  He has scrambled more eggs than the busiest diner in Astoria.  (By the way, if you watch the most famous catch of all time, the David Tyree helmet catch, you will find the human growth hormone king Rodney Harrison draped all over Tyree.)

And now he got religion?


Making Harrison the poster boy for eliminating blows to the head is like letting Hitler be the ribbon cutter at the opening of a Holocaust museum.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Apology

Consider this a Stoop apology.  For over a year, I have used hurtful and divisive terms describing Joe Girardi as a monkey, an ape or a gorilla.  I should not have done this.  It's wrong.  So from the bottom of my heart, I want to apologize to all monkeys, apes and gorillas who were offended by my thoughtless actions.

Joe Retardi really outdid himself the other night.

Let's break it down:

Walking the go ahead run to pitch to Bengie Molina?  And letting Burnett pitch to him?

No  monkey would have done such a thing.

First, Burnett is the most reckless pitcher in baseball.  He is a disaster waiting to happen-which always happens.  His ERA is higher than Ron Washington & Josh Hamilton on a crystal meth binge.

Letting Burnett pitch in a big spot is more reckless than saying to your sister," I think you should settle down and have kids with Antonio Cromartie."

And who does he let him pitch to?  Bengie Molina!  There are more Molina's in baseball than bedbugs in New York.  And they are all clutch.  One of them is even named "Out of Here" Molina.

These Molina's are the Robert Horry of major league baseball.

They are so clutch, the NBA is replacing the Jerry West Logo with one of the Molina's.

The decision to pitch to Molina was the worst decision since that day in Dallas when JFK said, "It's a beautiful day, let's take the convertible out for a spin."

It was such a dumb decision, and no monkey would have made it.

So I apologize to all monkeys that were offended by my comparison.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sotomayor Is Out There


The self proclaimed wise one, Justice Sotomayor is a left wing radical judge.  We all know it, and the case below shows it.  She lost this case, but if Obama stays in office, he will continue to pick judges that will remake this country  in ways that should concern us all.

Here are the facts:

A guy is in prison.  He has AIDS.  The prison supplies him all the medication he needs for his illness, courtesy of the taxpayer.  His prison duties include hard labor.  He refuses do perform his duties, and also refuses to take his medicine to protest his assignment.

Once he stops taking his medicine, he says he is too weak to work.  The prison says, fuck you, your illness is caused by your refusal to take your medicine-and get to work.

He sues the prison, claiming that by making him work, they are inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on him-and therefore are violating his 8th Amendment rights.

The courts rightfully dismiss his claim using inescapable logic:  how is the prison be inflicting cruel and unusual punishment when they are providing him with medicine and he refuses to take it?

So his case was dismissed-but the wise one, Sotomayor issued a dissent.

She buys this claim.  She thinks this guy has a case.

Think about that.  And think about how she is going to twist our constitution into a left wing manifesto if she gets enough judges to join her.  

Read about it here:


The Volokh Conspiracy » Justice Sotomayor Votes to Review and then

      Tuesday, October 19, 2010

      Yankee Stadium Is A Magical Place....

      I have to admit, I never got it.  I never understood what people meant when they said that Yankee Stadium was a magical place-until last night.

      Now I know.  I saw it for myself. 

      In the 9th inning, the score was 2-0.  The fans sitting behind the plate were packed in like a Tokyo rush hour train.  And then a microsecond later, the score was 3-0, the camera panned behind the plate, and all you saw were empty seats. 

      It was like magic.  How can so many people disappear in such a short time?  I thought the amazing Kreskin was going to come out and saw a woman in half. 

      Simply magical.

      And then they showed all of the fans filing out so goddamn fast, Homeland Security should use the tape to show Americans how to evacuate a crowded place as quick as possible.

      Here is the difference between Yankee fans and every other fan:

      When Cliff Lee is pitching against your team, your mindset is: we have to figure out a way to beat this guy.

      For Yankee fans, their mindset is: we have to figure out a way to get this guy. Right now.  During the game.  Have Cashman bring him a wheelbarrow full of money while he is warming up.

      More thoughts:

      The Yankee lineup is like the stimulus: Both cost an insane amount of money with no results.

      I love that movie they made about CC Sabathia's life-The Blind Side.  Very Inspirational.

      What happend to the Joba rules?  Remember when they told us how great he was?  How they had to limit his pitches, because his arm was such a precious commodity?  The guy had more restrictions/regulations on his use than trying to build a skyscraper in the rain forest.

      But the Joba rules have been replaced by new rules. 

      And although the rules are new, they still work the same way: to limit the number of pitches he throws in a major league game.

      George is burning in hell and the devil is poking him with an interlocking NY- shaped pitchfolk.



      Monday, October 18, 2010

      Monkey Time

      After getting smacked around by the Rangers and Cliff Lee, monkey boy manager Joe Retardi has a big decision to make regarding starting AJ Burnett or CC Sabathia.  I'm sure he will be up all night in his tree house trying to come up with the right decision.

      Whatever he decides, we keep hearing through the ape vine that Retardi will  leave to manage the Cubs next year.

      Frank Talk About Barney

      I just read that the guy running against Barney Frank got heckled by Frank's boyfriend.  Like most people, I wondered: which boyfriend?  Was it the guy who got busted for growing pot?  Or was it the one who was convicted of running a male prostitution business out of Frank's apartment?

      Frank is the author of the financial reform bill, which is supposed to stop the next financial crisis from occurring.  I know it was written in the Federalist Papers, but I do not know if the author was Hamilton, Madison or Jay.  But it says it somewhere in there that if a Congressman cannot tell that his boyfriend is running a prostitution ring out of his apartment, he also will not be able to recognize when a Wall Street meltdown is about to happen.

      Making The Old Man Proud...

      Did you see McCain's meathead daughter on the Sunday talk shows trashing Christine O'Donnell?  What a disgrace this pig is.  They should send the old man back to Viet Nam for some more torture for doing such a bad job as a parent.


      Getting ready to watch the Paladino-Cuomo debate, which also includes a bunch of other candidates.  Prediction: the best part will be black panther City Council member Charles "I feel like slapping white people" Barron saying wild shit and Cuomo standing there pretending to take his crazy comments seriously.  

      Sunday, October 17, 2010

      A Super Bald Winner....

      The Patriots may play their home games on natural grass, but their quarterback Tom Brady definitely has some artificial turf.  Experts are unsure exactly when the male pattern baldness began, but they have narrowed the timeline down to sometime between David Tyree's helmet catch and Plaxi's game winning touchdown.
      SPORTSbyBROOKS » Brady Plugged Hair Loss Talk With Flowing Locks

      You're Entitled to Shit

      Adam Carolla breaks down health care like nobody else.  Check it out:

      Thursday, October 14, 2010

      The Stoop Ain't Segregated

      Nothing shows the difference between Republicans and Democrats more than how they treat race. Case in point: the president invited black bloggers and journalists to the White House this week for a background briefing.

      They are hard -wired in a way that I will never understand. Who would ever think of having a meeting and inviting the guests based on their race? Democrats-that's who.

      Think about that for a second. Come up with a reason to get a group of people together. And than say, "I'm only going to invite white people, or black people."

      Don't you feel slimy for just thinking of such a thing?

      And imagine going through with it.

      They think and live in a way that is shameful.

      Wednesday, October 13, 2010

      Waitng For Pat...

      I want to write about Paladino and the gay marriage/gay pride parade issue, but I am predicting that Patrick J Buchanan will do so in his next column, and he will say it better than me.

      Weiner The Miner

      Enough with this story with the miners in Chile. (And by the way, I pronounce is "Chili".) The only thing that would have interested me is if one of them said, " Fuck it, leave me down here." By the way, was Anthony Weiner one of the miners? I ask because the Congressional Weasel has been MIA for the last two months. And this is a man who would start his day on Morning Joe and end it on Bill Maher. And in between, he would hold press conferences with goats to show the sheeple that he was tough on spending. So when a human web cam like Weiner goes missing for months, you have to know that it is intentional, that it is killing him to not be in front of a camera, and that he is doing it as a weaselly attempt to hide from the coming electoral tsunami that will wipe out the left wing nut jobs from Congress.

      But the wave will hit him too.

      Monday, October 11, 2010


      Happy Columbus Day to everybody. Columbus Day, and how you feel about it reveals a lot. My pal Ralphie went to law school at UCLA and his wife went to St. John's. At SJU, Columbus Day is very festive. The students crack open a bunch of kegs, play a lot of music, and a good time is had by all. At UCLA, it's a different story. Columbus Day is treated like a funeral, with the oh so somber students wearing black armbands to reflect that Columbus was a genocidal maniac.

      Who you identify with, the UCLA students or the SJU students, will tell you a lot about a person.

      God Bless Christopher Columbus.

      Sunday, October 10, 2010

      Quote of the Day

      I don't like all this pink breast cancer NFL crap. We should force the chicks in the WNBA to wear brown head bands for colon cancer.-Adam Carolla

      Friday, October 8, 2010

      No Soda For The Huddled Masses

      Thoughts on Mayor Bloomberg's attempt to have soda not eligible to be purchased with food stamps:

      1) Excellent idea. They are called food stamps. Not soda stamps. In fact, no beverages should be eligible for purchases with food stamps. If you want something to drink, the city already provides water for free. Take advantage of that wondrous program.

      2) With that being said, I don't give a fuck if a person mainlines Mountain Dew into their neck. As long as they pay for it. But if you life is in such a state that the state has to provide you food; it has the right to restrict the types of food/drinks that you get for free courtesy of the U.S. tax payer.

      Monday, October 4, 2010

      Put Them In A Steel Cage

      Richard Blumenthal and Linda McMahon had their first debate tonight. By all accounts it was a ho- hum affair until out of nowhere during a question about the economy, George "The Animal" Steele hit Blumenthal in the head with a chair.

      Friday, October 1, 2010

      Know Your Target

      So the Communist News Network (CNN) fired Rick Sanchez for calling Jon Stewart a bigot? What's the BFD? Liberals like Sanchez earn their money by playing the race card. Can you blame him for thinking he could use it against Stewart? Obviously, the mistake Sanchez made was he thought that the card could be played against a lib. I bet if he issues a quick retraction and said "every time I said the words 'Jon Stewart' I meant to say 'Glenn Beck'" not only would he get his job back, he would also get a promotion.

      Ricky boy, quick lesson: I know libs play the race card more often than a NYC subway conductor says "watch the closing doors", but you can't call a fanatical liberal a bigot. It might get you fired.