Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No More Public Housing

Just read in the Times a story on how repair jobs for public housing are years behind schedule and that the backlog is creating dangerous living conditions.  From the Times:

Latoya Craig, 27, an administrative assistant who lives in Moore Houses, in the South Bronx, was recently told that the large hole in her bathroom ceiling would not be repaired until May. In the meantime, mold has started to bloom, causing her to worry about the health of her 6-year-old son.

When you think of the harmful affects that liberal policies inflict upon American citizens, public housing is a good place to examine.

The culture of dependency which occurs when the government supplies your housing is shameful.  That we allow this to happen, and don't take a wrecking ball to these policies is a disgrace.

When government supplies the roof over your head,  the end result is you think the government is responsible to supply all of your basic needs.  And when that happens-you are doomed.

Think about the example above. The woman has a potential hazardous condition in her apartment.  A condition that could hurt her 6-year old son.   She is told it won't be fixed until 9 months from now.

Does she fix it herself?  No.  Does she hire someone to fix it?  No.  Does she move out to another place?  Of course not.  She does not see it as her responsibility to do so.

And why should she?  We have conditioned her to think that she is not responsible for her own housing-so why should she think it's her responsibility to repair that housing?

Dependency crushes the human spirit.

And that is what they are selling-dependency

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Public Housing Stories said...

What I see here is a thinly veiled attempt to demean a public housing resident under the guise of benevolent reasons. Public housing is bad for the human spirit, huh? Labeling the woman a bad mother because she won't move even though she can't afford it, insinuating she's too lazy to fix it herself or too cheap to hire someone to fix it, is the kind of attitude that destroys the human spirit, not public housing.