Sunday, October 24, 2010

Don't Change It

Thoughts on the NFL trying to crack down on hits to the head:

This idea is the surest sign yet that the pussification of America is in full force.  It's a straight line from play dates, to having your kid play soccer, to the NFL is too violent.

 Is the NFL violent?  Of course. The NFL is built on violence.  It's why we watch it.  The men who make their living playing football are the bravest men we have that do not wear a military uniform.  (That makes Pat Tillman doubly great, by the way.)

Compared to the Deacon Jones head slap days, the NFL is already watered down.  Why fuck with it?  I love it when a guy gets his bell rung.   And so do you by the way.

We should have seen this coming with the endless pink ribbons in the NFL.

Before you know it, they are going to make blitzing the quarterback a hate crime.

As my man Andrew mentioned, how hypocritical is it than Rodney Harrison is the spokesman for this movement?

Harrison was the dirtiest player of his time.  He was known primarily for two things: steroids and cheap shots.  He has scrambled more eggs than the busiest diner in Astoria.  (By the way, if you watch the most famous catch of all time, the David Tyree helmet catch, you will find the human growth hormone king Rodney Harrison draped all over Tyree.)

And now he got religion?


Making Harrison the poster boy for eliminating blows to the head is like letting Hitler be the ribbon cutter at the opening of a Holocaust museum.

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