Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sotomayor Is Out There


The self proclaimed wise one, Justice Sotomayor is a left wing radical judge.  We all know it, and the case below shows it.  She lost this case, but if Obama stays in office, he will continue to pick judges that will remake this country  in ways that should concern us all.

Here are the facts:

A guy is in prison.  He has AIDS.  The prison supplies him all the medication he needs for his illness, courtesy of the taxpayer.  His prison duties include hard labor.  He refuses do perform his duties, and also refuses to take his medicine to protest his assignment.

Once he stops taking his medicine, he says he is too weak to work.  The prison says, fuck you, your illness is caused by your refusal to take your medicine-and get to work.

He sues the prison, claiming that by making him work, they are inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on him-and therefore are violating his 8th Amendment rights.

The courts rightfully dismiss his claim using inescapable logic:  how is the prison be inflicting cruel and unusual punishment when they are providing him with medicine and he refuses to take it?

So his case was dismissed-but the wise one, Sotomayor issued a dissent.

She buys this claim.  She thinks this guy has a case.

Think about that.  And think about how she is going to twist our constitution into a left wing manifesto if she gets enough judges to join her.  

Read about it here:


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