Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"What's French-Canadian for 'I grew up without a mother'?"

Although Phoebe Snow seemingly faded from the entertainment scene, she had two high- profile mentions: Howard Stern & The Sopranos.

Howard was her friend, and for years he would mention how Phoebe dedicated her life to her daughter.  Phoebe also sang as Howard's wedding a couple of years ago.

As for the Sopranos, Phoebe and one of her songs are mentioned in one of the greatest Sopranos scenes ever:


Snow In Heaven

The great Phoebe Snow, who passed away today, proves there's an exception to every rule.  Snow who was 60, was part of the baby boomer generation.  The worst generation.  The most selfish, the least giving.  The first generation to say it was okay to abandon your country in a time of war, to over-indulge in the "if it feels good, do it" culture, and to abandon their children at record levels.

What a horrible legacy.

But then there's Phoebe.

What a voice on her, large and strong.  Powerful without overpowering the listener.  No auto-tunes for her.  She sold records, sold out concerts, and had a large and loyal following.

But she put it all on hold when she had Valerie.

Valerie was born with severe brain damage.  She wasn't supposed to make it to the age of 3.  Phoebe did everything with her daughter.  24/7 she took care of her.  Stopped the whole career thing in its tracks.  For a higher purpose.

And because of her dedication, Valerie lived for 28 more years than was expected.  31 years-she was there 24/7.

Phoebe Snow, the baby boomer who proves there's an exception to every rule, dead at 60.    

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day...

Every Earth Day I go shopping at Trader Joe's.  When I get to the register, the clerk asks me that question: "paper or plastic?"  And I answer "PLASTIC" just to see the look of abject horror on her face..

Earth Day has nothing to do with the environment.  No, instead it is a day for people to show other people how much they allegedly care about the ....earth

Look at me... I care

Look at me.... I am virtuous

For a day that is allegedly about all things in an organic natural state, it is totally manufactured, man-made creation, designed to bring self-serving praise to the person who "celebrates" it....

In fact, I will ask for her to double that plastic bag....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Art of the Steal

I don't know what it's like to be the victim of a Ponzi scheme, but I imagine it's like having Mets season tickets.-Norm MacDonald

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Passing of the Commie Torch..

Cuba's state run media--is there any other kind in Cuba?-- is reporting that Castro is passing the torch to a fellow comrade, an eighty-year-old communist who has been Castro's red-handed man since the commies took over the island.

I sure hope that under the new leadership, they still maintain a better health care system than the United States...

Isn't that one of the greatest bullshit stories the libs have ever told?

The ambulances in Cuba are Russian cars made in the 1950's, the hospitals have no band aids, and Castro thinks when you say "penicillin" you mean "peninsula".

Please, I would rather die in an American sewer than go to Havana and have Castro's doctors operate on me...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Opportunity Lost

 In an interview yesterday, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. blamed Apple Inc. for inventing the iPad which has led, in his view, to the elimination of thousands of American jobs.

Let's leave aside the economic arguments of job creation attained by technological innovation and advancements by companies such as Apple.

Let's focus on motivation.  JJ Jr. might be lamenting that he didn't get a piece of the action by using his father's playbook.

Remember the Budweiser shakedown?

Years ago, Jesse the father conducted a  campaign against Budweiser.  He called Budweiser insensitive to blacks and charged the company with a horrible record when it comes to minority hiring, recruitment and advancement.

But then he stopped. 

All of a sudden, Jesse went silent on Budweiser, which given his track record, is an impossible thing to contemplate. 

What happened?

The soul shakedown is what happened.

Jesse got Budweiser to give a very lucrative distributorship to two of his sons.  In return, Jesse's claims against the company's minority hiring  mysteriously went away.

How lucrative?  The distributorship they are the exclusive supplier of all Anheuser-Bush products on Chicago's North Side.

One thing I am not sure of is whether the kids that got the distributorship are the children the good Reverend has with his wife or are the product of his love affairs outside of his marriage.

So maybe Junior Jackson wishes he went after Apple using the Budweiser template.

His kids could have owned an Apple store....


Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Solemn Day....

Prior to the start to tomorrow's game, the Yankees will be holding a memorial service for Phil Hughes's dead arm...

He Injured His Fastball...

The Yankees put Phil Hughes on the disabled list.  The reason they gave?  He has a "dead arm."  I thought you had to be, you know, injured to be put on the injured list?  A dead arm?  Are they going to hold a funeral?  The bottom line is the guy sucks.  But if they put Hughes on the disabled list with a dead arm, Jeter should have been put on the list a long time ago for a dead bat.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Touchy Feely Liberals

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) groping at airports is so out of control, I'm surprised Woody Allen & Roman Polanski have not applied for jobs.  Here are the best TSA slogans from twitter:

Your 6-year-old daughter doesn't *look* dangerous, but it's hard to see in here with these energy-efficient lightbulbs.

We need to pat down all the children and grannies so we don't hurt the terrorists feelings.

We'll show you on the doll where the blue-shirted man will touch you. 

Your Personal Baggage Handlers Since 2010.

We fondle you so we can keep the border open.

"Keeping America Safe From Randomly Selected Americans”

We do some of the things you can't do in the champagne room.

There's a reason they call us liberal.

Tell it to Napolitano.

Please step out of the wheelchair, sir.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is it Hoya Paranoia?

Remember John Thompson, the older one, who brought Georgetown to national prominence?  Read the piece below.  I have never seen anyone take apart, or go after any sports figure the way this guy goes after Thompson. The charges are devastating.....

Look-A-Likes: Charlie Murphy & Jason Richardson

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's On

President O'Bomber today officially announced that he is running in 2012.  He says he has a lot of communities to organize, so he plans on campaigning in all 57 states.  God bless twitter, some people on there came up with some 2012 O'Bomber reelection slogans.  Here are some good ones:

No Matter What Crisis I Cause, I Will Remain Serenely Above It

Give Me a Second Chance, And I'll Prove You Are Worthy of Me

A Second Term Will Make a Great Topic For My 4th Autobiography

You Have My Word On It: Three Wars, Tops

My smugness will grow on you"

I'm no Reagan, I'm more like Gorbachev

I swear Gitmo will be closed on the 1st day of my second term.

"I know there's more wealth for me to redistribute"

Let them eat cake, wait don't, Michelle doesn't approve.

I will pay your mortgage so you don't have to