Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snow In Heaven

The great Phoebe Snow, who passed away today, proves there's an exception to every rule.  Snow who was 60, was part of the baby boomer generation.  The worst generation.  The most selfish, the least giving.  The first generation to say it was okay to abandon your country in a time of war, to over-indulge in the "if it feels good, do it" culture, and to abandon their children at record levels.

What a horrible legacy.

But then there's Phoebe.

What a voice on her, large and strong.  Powerful without overpowering the listener.  No auto-tunes for her.  She sold records, sold out concerts, and had a large and loyal following.

But she put it all on hold when she had Valerie.

Valerie was born with severe brain damage.  She wasn't supposed to make it to the age of 3.  Phoebe did everything with her daughter.  24/7 she took care of her.  Stopped the whole career thing in its tracks.  For a higher purpose.

And because of her dedication, Valerie lived for 28 more years than was expected.  31 years-she was there 24/7.

Phoebe Snow, the baby boomer who proves there's an exception to every rule, dead at 60.