Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Opportunity Lost

 In an interview yesterday, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. blamed Apple Inc. for inventing the iPad which has led, in his view, to the elimination of thousands of American jobs.

Let's leave aside the economic arguments of job creation attained by technological innovation and advancements by companies such as Apple.

Let's focus on motivation.  JJ Jr. might be lamenting that he didn't get a piece of the action by using his father's playbook.

Remember the Budweiser shakedown?

Years ago, Jesse the father conducted a  campaign against Budweiser.  He called Budweiser insensitive to blacks and charged the company with a horrible record when it comes to minority hiring, recruitment and advancement.

But then he stopped. 

All of a sudden, Jesse went silent on Budweiser, which given his track record, is an impossible thing to contemplate. 

What happened?

The soul shakedown is what happened.

Jesse got Budweiser to give a very lucrative distributorship to two of his sons.  In return, Jesse's claims against the company's minority hiring  mysteriously went away.

How lucrative?  The distributorship they are the exclusive supplier of all Anheuser-Bush products on Chicago's North Side.

One thing I am not sure of is whether the kids that got the distributorship are the children the good Reverend has with his wife or are the product of his love affairs outside of his marriage.

So maybe Junior Jackson wishes he went after Apple using the Budweiser template.

His kids could have owned an Apple store....


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