Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stoop Geography

He Can't Help Himself

You ever have a friend who for years has been told they are good at something, but the truth is, they suck, but no one has the heart to tell them the truth? Say a person has been told since she was a kid that they have a great singing voice. But the people telling her that were just "being nice". So she sings at the karaoke contests in your local bar. When she sings in the bar, she really believes she is part Patti Labelle, part Streisand, but in actuality, she is so horrible, the local dogs in the neighborhood are running in circles and chasing their tails while holding their ears. Since no one ever had the heart to tell her the truth, she has no conception that the thing she thinks she is great at, she really has no talent for.

Obama's health care strategy is like the girl singing karaoke in the local bar. Since the people around him and the liberal press have forever told him he is great at public speaking, he figures time after time after time that all he has to do to pass socialized medicine is give another one of his brilliant speeches to the masses. He thinks that is the solution... to everything. But like the girl in the local bar, he has no awareness that what he thinks is his strength is in reality a horrible weakness. The truth of the matter is, the more he talks about health care, the less support he receives. In that way, he is the anti-Reagan. The anti-communicator. But liberals have so much invested in this idea that Obama is a talented speaker, they WILL NEVER tell him that less is more. That he needs to zip it. Plus, like most progressives, Obama lacks the ability to be self critical, so he never questions the positions he takes nor the methods used to promote those positions.

As a result, the man is oblivious to the undeniable truth. Just know that when he trots out another speech on health care.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Say Hey

Check out the link to read Pete Hamill's book review of a new biography of Willie Mays that appears in the NYT. Baldman has peeped the book a couple of times @ Barnes & Noble, and every random section selected was an interesting read. The review below confirms that this is a book worth reading.

Willie Mays, the Say Hey Kid

Prospect Park In 1904

Friday, February 26, 2010

He's No Deadbeat

There was an item in the NY Post's Page Six which calls George Lopez a deadbeat for allegedly not making a $21,000 donation that he promised to Joe Torre's charity, the Safe At Home Foundation.

In the same piece, Lopez's spokeswoman says "George's understanding is that it was paid. George is not a deadbeat. George is very generous."

Now, nothing is easier than celebrity bashing. It's a fun thing to do, and often it is the right thing to do. But not in this case. Because if Lopez says its a misunderstanding, and he thought he had paid the charity, I have every reason to believe him. And it's not because I think he is funny (which I don't) or like his TV show (which I've never seen). I believe him because he did a very nice thing for a friend of mine.

Here's a story:

Baldman has a friend that worked in the financial services industry for many years. Like so many others, she was laid off. One day, she went to a job fair. CNN was reporting from the job fair, and featured her story & ongoing job search. Here is where George Lopez comes into the picture. Lopez just happened to be watching CNN and saw my friend's story. Lopez immediately contacted CNN and asked for my friend's phone number. The next thing you know, my friend's phone rings, and it's Lopez on the line. He was very kind & encouraging. And he wanted to help my friend while she was going through some tough times. And he did help. As soon as he got off the phone, he sent her a very generous check.

This was never in a newspaper, nor did Lopez publicize his generosity. He did a very nice thing, and kept it to himself.

So that's the kind of guy he is.

So if he says he thought that he already paid the donation to Joe Torre's charity, I don't doubt the man for a second.

Cause I know he's a good dude.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Extra, Extra

In my next life, I would love to be a newspaper headline writer. I took a Journalism class in college, and one assignment was to come up with a headline to a news story provided by the professor. The news story he gave us was a fire in a nightclub in the Philippines. The headline I came up with was Burn Baby Burn: 20 Dead In Disco Inferno. The professor thought I was insane.

Favorite headlines over the last few years: Close But No Cigar (NY Daily News when Clinton was impeached but not removed); and Ike Beats Tina To Death (NY Post when Ike Turner died). Of course the greatest headline EVER was the NY Post's "Headless Body In Topless Bar".

Every once in a while, I see a headline & think I would have written it differently. Today was one of those days. The NYT has a strange story linked below about a police officer who is depressed because he shot & killed a famous chimp that was attacking a woman. (How crazy is that?)

Anyway, after reading the story, I would have changed the headline to Cop: I Feel Like A Monkey Is On My Back.

Too bad newspapers will soon be extinct.

After Shooting Chimp, a Police Officer’s Descent

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Three Is The Tragic Number

From today's NYT:

The Bloomberg administration has made getting rid of inadequate teachers a linchpin of its efforts to improve city schools. But in the two years since the Education Department began an intensive effort to root out such teachers from the more than 55,000 who have tenure, officials have managed to fire only three for incompetence.

If you ever doubted that the public education system is more rigged than a Vince McMahon promoted wrestling match, then just look at the statistic cited above.

Bloomberg has only been able to fire three teachers for incompetence. In two years. And this is after making it a priority. Three is the tragic number.

Tragic for the kids trapped in these educational hell holes. Tragic for their parents who are powerless against an unrelenting bureaucracy & an all powerful Teacher's Union.

You know what that number three means? It means that the public education system's primary purpose is to provide citizens with JOBS FOR LIFE. Jobs where there is no accountability. Jobs where being incompetent means you get to collect a check for life, and there is nothing anybody can do about it.

You can be drunk and not get fired. You can molest kids and not get fired. You can know less about teaching than Plaxico Burress knows about handgun safety & not get fired.

Union rules protect all of the above & more.

It's easier to remove a pope than to fire a public school teacher.

Collective bargaining agreements between NYC & the Teacher's Union have for GENERATIONS sold our kids down the river.

Once the city identifies an incompetent teacher and targets them for removal, that's when the fun begins. The teacher gets a union lawyer. And an arbitration hearing. These hearing drag on longer than the OJ trial. They go on for years. And years. Tragically, I'm not even slightly exaggerating. All during that time, the teacher is still on the public payroll. While the case is dragging on, the teacher reports to the "Rubber Room". They stay in the Rubber Room all day, hanging out, reading the newspaper, playing cards etc. All on the public tit.

As for the arbitrators, lets face it: they won't be in the arbitration business for long if they constantly rule against the Union. So they "split the baby". Moreover, the longer the arbitration process, the more the arbitrator gets paid.

Recently,we all saw the horrible effects of the earthquake in Haiti. Images of people buried under the rubble are seared into our collective memory.

But everyday, we have kids here that are being crushed underneath an unrelenting, unaccountable public education system.

They don't need charity telethons, "We Are The World" remakes, or Anderson Cooper reporting from the carnage.

But what they do need is a way out. And that way out is a school voucher or a charter school.

The time has come.

Endless Debate

Some subjects lend themselves to endless debate: Williams vs. DiMaggio; Creation vs. Evolution; and the actual number of face lifts Nancy Pelosi has had are just some of the topics that have sparked numerous discussions on the Stoop.

Yesterday we had another debate. It was between Baldman & the Chairman of Stoop Research. The subject: Oswald. Baldman said he acted alone. The Chairman says it was a Communist plot.

His reasoning:

Say someone commits a terrorist act in the United States. And the terrorist is captured. Upon capture, we learn that the terrorist spent a lot of time in Afghanistan, and we even have the video which shows him on the monkey bars in Afghanistan engaged in Al-Qaeda training. We would have no trouble saying it was part of an Al-Qaeda plot, right?

Now look at Oswald. The fuc*king guy LIVED IN RUSSIA. AND HE WAS A COMMUNIST. What more do you need to know?

While the Chairman's argument is very convincing, Baldman still maintains that he acted alone. However, if a video tape ever emerges that shows Oswald training with the KGB on some monkey bars, he reserves the right to change his mind.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Glass House With No Viewers

Did you see that Olbermann the mental patient is crowing that the Tea Party doesn't have any black people? Ah, the race card. Its kept under glass by liberals with a sign that says "Break Whenever It Is Necessary To Rebut Conservative Ideas." That thing gets used more than the Kardashian broads. With Olbermann, I'm not show if he is getting too little or too much of the medication that he so desperately needs. Anyway, the video link below is a nice rebuttal to his baseless charge.

But if that nut job is concerned about including black people,why doesn't he start at MSNBC? Have you seen their lineup? It's so white, it makes the Winter Olympics look like a Harlem Globetrotters game. What does MSNBC stand for?

When the nut job & Rachel Madcow are finally let out of their straight jackets, perhaps a little diversity training is in order.

First Book Baldman Ever Read

I'm Like Clyde, I'm Rocking Steady- Beastie Boys

Leaving Childish Things Behind

I just read that Yogi Berra showed up at Yankee spring training wearing a full uniform. Now Yogi is an 84 year old man. At some point over the last 50 years or so, shouldn't it have occurred to Yogi that maybe, you know, he didn't have to wear the full uniform anymore? How about just the uniform top? Does he wear spikes/cleats? A cup? I mean, you don't see LT show up at Giants training camp wearing shoulder pads & a helmet, right?

Someone should tell him.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


From NYT- Dave Debusschere funeral:

And Mel Davis, from Brooklyn and St. John's, who joined the Knicks before the 1973-74 season, at the tail end of their sweet run, summed up the sense of the times, the connection between the Knicks and the rest of the city. DeBusschere, he said, was ''part of a special team, a special time in the history of the sport, and a special time in New York.'' He added, ''They took the town by storm, and we embraced them and never let go -- and they never left us.''

Because the quality of professional/college basketball has been so bad for so long in this town, the Stoop is really looking forward to tomorrow night,when the Knicks celebrate the 40th anniversary of their 1970 championship team.

You know, recently, with Lebron mania running wild, Kobe Bryant was quoted as saying that if Lebron went to the Knicks, it will be the first time the Knicks have ever had such a superstar. My initial reaction was anger. Anger at Kobe's ignorance. It made me think of the time when Latrell Sprewell was asked a question about Earl Monroe,and Sprewell dismissed the question with an offhand remark saying in effect "I'm 28 years old,what are you asking me about him for?"

But my anger gave way. And it gave way when I heard Clyde comment on Kobe's remarks. Clyde said Kobe was right. The Knicks had never had a superstar like Lebron before. Clyde said that the 1970-73 Knicks did not have a superstar-they had super team. There wasn't one guy carrying that team.

Clyde's remarks made a light go on in Baldman's bald head. When you think of those Knick teams, you think Frazier-Barnett-Bradley-Debusschere-Reed. And then you add Lucas & Earl for the 2nd championship. All coached by Red. The greatest coach this town ever had and no one ever talks about him.

The 1970 Knicks had 6 players who averaged double figures. Two others averaged 7 points a game. They all could pass-shoot & defend. They hit the open man. They were all capable of taking the last shot-or making the pass that led to the pass to the last shot.

They maximized & blended their talents for the greater good-the team. They conducted themselves with class & intelligence- on and off the basketball court.

They set the gold standard in this town.

When they got together, they changed basketball forever in this town. And since they left, basketball has never been the same. Not even close.

So Kobe was right.

''He seemed to say, 'What's the point of achieving anything in basketball if you can't share it?''' -Bill Bradley-Dave Debusschere eulogy.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Annie Nails It

These days, a moderate Democrat is someone who thinks you shouldn't be taught fisting until you're at least 12 years old.-Ann Coulter

Friday, February 19, 2010

Passing The Buck

Thoughts On Obama Appointing a Deficit Commission:

It's just another example of what happens when you elect a person with no chief executive experience. Simply put, the Presidency is the first job he has ever had where he and he alone was responsible for making hard decisions. Think about it: he was in the Senate -for barely two years- where you vote up or down on legislation. Or you decide not to vote. In the Senate, you are one out of 100. You are not in charge of anything-you just vote on stuff. (That's why, incidentally, so few Senators go on to the Presidency. The nature of the Senate does not lend itself to chief executive decision making. Think of John Kerry's "I voted for it before I voted against it"campaign.) Prior to the Senate, he was in the Illinois State legislature. Again, a place where no executive decision making occurs. Of course, he was a Constitutional law professor, where the most important decision you make is "Should I smoke a blunt before, or after class?" And lets not forget the community organizer stuff, where you rely on donors & the government to supply you with funds. It that field, you are shielded from the real world because you don't have to produce a product, turn a profit, or be subject to market considerations that businesses must adhere to. Once again, not a place where one person is responsible for decisions.

Because Obama has NO experience in making hard decisions in which he is solely responsible, he does what comes naturally to him: he forms groups/committees or relies on others to make decisions that HE needs to make. It happened with health care. He let the Congress be the chief architects of that Socialist plan. He never provided Congress with a Socialist Health Care Bill & said "Pass this." No, instead, he let them do the work in coming up with the details. Listen, I am happy that health care is dead-but a real chief executive would have delivered his own bill to Congress. It also happened with Iran, when the courageous people took to the streets because they wanted to shed an Islamic government, they looked to the President of the United States to provide SOME kind of support. Any kind of support. A speech expressing solidarity with the movement would have been all they needed. But what did Obama do? He hid under his desk & did nothing. Why? It was because he was not used to being "the man". He couldn't hide behind a committee, he was paralyzed with indecision. And most egregiously, it happened with the decision to give the terrorists civil trials. Obama says its Holder's call. As the commander-in -chief of this country,how can Obama under any circumstances claim that someone other than himself has the right to declare someone an enemy combatant? How can ANY President delegate that responsibility? Again, it all ties into his lack of executive experience.

And that's why Obama has appointed this deficit commission. As president,he has the power to veto any legislation that he deems too costly. But that would mean his neck was on the line. So once again, he would rather delegate that core responsibility to someone else.

Always remember, we are a product of our prior experiences. Even Obama. And that's why we are where we are.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stoop Sampling

P Diddy has a cologne. He's being sued by an artist who claims the bottle the cologne comes in is a ripoff of one of his works of art.

If this thing goes to trial, will the artist be able to enter into evidence Mr. Diddy's songs? Since his "songs" are really "samples"of other peoples songs, it shows he has a history of taking an existing product-in this case, a song- and using that product to create a new product. While it doesn't prove that is what he did in creating the cologne, it does reflect a pattern of business behaviour that Diddy has engaged in for many years.

In criminal law, a pattern of behaviour in some instances can be entered into evidence to prove the current allegations. Say you are charged with a bank robbery. In most cases, the fact that you have been convicted of previous bank robberies cannot be entered into evidence against you. The rationale: the previous convictions are not evidence that you committed the current bank robbery. However, if your previous bank robbery convictions showed you engaged in a unique pattern of behaviour that matches the current allegations-say, you brought a violin to each bank & sang "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree"- then a judge may allow the previous bank robberies to be entered into evidence.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ass Wednesday

Dennis Miller says the ashes Joe Biden has on his forehead today have nothing to do with Ash Wednesday, instead it just reflects the agreement they have where Obama can snuff out his cigarettes on Biden's forehead whenever he wants.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brainwashing 101

If you ever attended college, or grad school, then you know what passes for higher learning these days is just mindless, dopey liberalism. The progressive elites think holding an academic conference where the topic is Dick Cheney: Should He Be Jailed For Life Or Executed As A War Criminal is an example of everyone having a chance to express their opinion. Its a surreal place where the Boy Scouts are vilified, NAMBLA is embraced, and the military is not allowed on campus. Its a place where watching a Mel Gibson movie is hate crime, but Roman Polanski has his own film festival. Its a place where convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal can give graduation commencement speeches from his death row cell. (After shelling out tuition for four years, how would you like to be the proud parent who puts on the suit & tie, gets to your kid's graduation, and you find out you have to sit there & listen to that guy dole out his pearls of wisdom?) It's a place where the only religion is atheism, and the faculty are the high priests. (By "high", I mean stoned. On drugs.)

To see how jacked up our colleges truly are, you have to read the post below from They obtained a copy of a sociology test that was given at an eastern college. After reading it, I was surprised the professor did not give the "students" extra credit for wearing the Che beret. Check it out:

Hate-America Sociology

Posted by Candace de Russy

Recently, a colleague forwarded to me a copy of an exam from an introductory sociology class found lying in a room at a public college in the east. It was graded 100%. The exam deserves to be quoted at length, as parts of it are virtually indistinguishable from the old Soviet agitprop of the Fifties:

Question: How does the United States "steal" the resources of other (third world) [sic] countries?

Answer: We steal through exploitation. Our multinationals are aware that indigenous people in developing nations have been coaxed off their plots and forced into slums. Because it is lucrative, our multinationals offer them extremely low wage labor (sic) that cannot be turned down.

Question: Why is the U.S. on shaky moral ground when it comes to preventing illegal immigration?

Answer: Some say that it is wrong of the United States to prevent illegal immigration because the same people we are denying entry to, (sic) we have exploited for the purpose of keeping the American wheel spinning.

Question: Why is it necessary to examine the theory of cumulative advantage when it comes to affirmative action?

Answer: Because it is unfair to discredit the many members of minority groups that have (sic) been offered more life chances through the program.

Question: What is the interactionist approach to gender?

Answer: The majority of multi-gender encounters are male-dominated. for (sic) example, while involved in conversation, the male is much more likely to interrupt. Most likely because the male believes the female's expressed thoughts are inferior to his own.

Question: Please briefly explain the matrix of domination.

Answer: the (sic) belief that domination has more than one dimension. For example, Males (sic) are dominant over females, whites over blacks, and affluent over impoverished.

This exam was part of the curriculum in a for-credit class at an accredited degree-granting institution. Introductory sociology courses like this one are frequently required, even for non-majors. A student who matriculates in this field of study will have nothing in the way of useful skills, but will be convinced that his country is rotten to the core, and that whites and males are evil.

China encourages its brightest students to study mathematics and engineering. India has become known as a hotbed of tech-savvy computer programmers. Meanwhile, the U.S. spends billions to teach postmodern, left-wing misinformation as objective "fact."

Monday, February 15, 2010

How It Went Down

On this President's Day, (I mean Washington & Lincoln's Day), its worth noting that John Wilkes Booth's co-conspirators received a MILITARY TRIAL about a month after Lincoln was assassinated. Two months later, they were hung. As for Booth, the barn he was hiding in was torched by soldiers, and when he tried to flee the barn he was shot dead in the face.

That's how it happened.

No Miranda rights. No memos from government lawyers explaining that you could not torch the barn. No ACLU lawyers trying to bring criminal cases against the soldiers that killed Booth. No concerns that military trials were inherently unfair to the murderers of the President.

Always remember that the Civil War generation of Americans shed more blood and lost more lives than any generation of Americans before or since. The casualty rate was six times that of World War II. With the current population, we would have to lose 6 million soldiers in a four year war just to equal the rate of men killed during the Civil War.

They were serious people hardened by the realities of war. And the point is,they knew how to deal with evil. Hence, swift military trials, followed by public hangings.

The Progressives among us would claim that we have evolved since the Civil War, and that the methods they used to eradicate evil don't conform with the norms of modern civil society. In effect, they argue that they know better than those that came before us. That they know better than the Civil War generation.

They are fools. Arrogant fools.


The NYT article below is on a dying practice: the use of pay phones, especially in NYC. Baldman was one of the last holdouts in getting a cell phone. Baldman was teased by his friends without mercy for his use of pay phones. Because everyone had a cell phone, it was alleged that every time Baldman used a pay phone, the operator would know it was Baldman on the line, and would ask him how his family was doing.

Baldman finally broke down a couple of years ago and joined the 21st Century.

Bur he misses those operators.

Listening In on a Pay Phone in Queens

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A True Masterpiece

Please click onto the painting below. And once you are there, place your cursor on the heads of each person you see. I'm gonna hang this masterpiece on my Stoop.

enlarged painting over at imaksim:

The Bright Side

If Global Warming is real-it isn't but humor me- the positive thing about it is that it will eliminate the Winter Olympics. Bring on some real sports please.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Core Beliefs

Bill Clinton had a minor heart procedure done yesterday. Check this out from a story yesterday on Clinton's eating habits:

Clinton's legend as a voracious and unhealthy eater was sealed in 1992, when the newly minted presidential candidate took reporters on jogs to McDonald's. He liked hamburgers, steaks, french fries — lots of them — and was a sloppy eater who could gobble an apple (core and all) in two bites and ask for more.

Eating the the apple core? Whoever heard of such a thing? Baldman is no doctor, but perhaps its the apple cores that are clogging up his arteries. Forget about lying under oath, eating apple core's should have been the impeachable offense.

While Clinton's health may be deteriorating, his presidency looks better every day. Just by not being Obama, he looks good. You see, Clinton may have eaten apple cores, but he had no core beliefs. He was a defanged democrat-and he knew it. That's why he could pass welfare reform and balanced budgets.

If Bill Clinton showed up in Bill Ayers house, it would be because he wanted to smoke pot or meet some chicks. When Obama showed up at the same house, it was because he was DOWN WITH THE CAUSE.

Clinton was an empty vessel, which could be loaded up with anything. Obama, he wants to take the good ship America & steer it into an iceberg called SOCIALISM. And trust me, Baldman does not use that term lightly. But when you have government takeover of banks & car companies, massive spending, government-imposed salary caps on the financial services industry, and the attempted nationalization of health care-what would you call it?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

25 Years Later....

When the present sucks, you can always look to the past. And that's going to happen tonight during the St. John's -Louisville game at MSG. Its the 25th Anniversary of the greatest St. John's team of them all: the 1985 Final Four Team. Read the Daily News Article below as well as the Baldman take on that team:

SportsCollegeChris Mullin, St. John's Final Four team are still toast of New ...

Mid 80's Madness

While St. John's maintained a level of excellence from World War II to the Gulf War, the true Golden years were the mid 1980's. Those teams, those players, & those times are ingrained in the minds of millions.
The Mullin, Berry, Wennington, Jackson,Wennington, Glass & Jones Redmen teams; how can you not love them?

Chris Mullin was one of the greatest college basketball players ever. If anyone tries to dispute that,they should be sentenced to watching the WNBA for the rest of their days. Plus, people forget that when Mullin played, there was no three-point shot in college basketball. Imagine how much that would have opened up his game? Making Chris Mullin play basketball without the 3 point shot is like major league baseball implementing a rule that says "Jose Reyes is not allowed to steal bases."

Mark Jackson ended his professional career with the third most assists in NBA history. Yet, in my view, he played his best basketball during his junior & senior seasons at St. John's. He was the consummate point guard, with laser-like peripheral vision. He could run the fast break to perfection, and always put the ball in the hands of the right guy at the right time in the half court game. By his senior year,he became the ultimate double threat; he could pass, and he was a go-to scorer.

Walter Berry

"Walter Berry and Kevin McHale had the best low post moves I have ever seen." UCONN Coach Jim Calhoun to Mike Francesa Feb 16, 2009.

"When the change was made uptown
And the big man joined the band"-Bruce

"You can't handle the Truth!"- "A Few Good Men"

Before Walter arrived at St. John's, there were tons of stories on how great he was. He went to Ben Franklin High School, which closed down while he was going there. As a result, he did a year in Junior College at San Jacinto which is in Texas. You may remember San Jacinto by its other name:
The St. John's University Basketball Farm Team."

Now the hype that followed Walter was enormous; even Looie got into it. I remember him saying in Sports Illustrated "I can't wait for Walter to play with Chris. I'd pay to watch them."

Everybody did pay to see St.John's in 1984-85, the year Mullin & Berry played together . It was the hottest ticket in town. We we ranked #1 or #2 virtually the whole year,taking turns with hated Georgetown.

And Walter? He turned out to be one of the most unstoppable forces in college basketball history. I remember early on, we played the David Robinson -led Navy. Walter torched him so badly,I thought Robinson was going to get court marshalled.

But Walter abused everybody; he went left more than Obama, and as that guy advised Deniro about Tommy's demise in Goodfella's "There was nothing we could do about it."

In the golden era of Big East basketball (the mid 1980's), Walter Berry could not be checked. He only played two years ; the first,we went to the Final Four,the second, he won the Wooden Award as the nation's best player.

The only person with a similar resume is the actor John Cazale (Fredo in the Godfather). Cazale appeared in only 4 or 5 movies, but each received an Oscar nomination for best picture. (That is the only think Fredo & Walter have in common.)

My favorite Walter game? That's easy. It was down in DC, in the Capital Center against Georgetown. There was this sequence where Walter blocked three shots in a row on the same Hoya possession; each block was met with a wave of euphoria. The end result: we beat Georgetown, and the commuter school in Queens was the undisputed # 1 college basketball team in the nation.

Down goes Georgetown. To a Redmen fan, those were the three sweetest words in the English language. To the victor goes the spoils, but who knew that would include a visit from the leader of the free world?

The Prez Comes to SJU

After beating Georgetown,and becoming #1, the Redmen owned the city. It was the hotest ticket in town, and this is before most of the city had cable, so you had to go to bars to watch a lot of games.

Right in the middle of our 19 game winning streak, President Reagan decided to honor the biggest Catholic University in the nation by giving a speech on Campus. Reagan's speech was a shout-out to the Redmen, and the team gave him a replica of the famous Looie sweater.

Reagan was greeted with love and enthusiasm by the students,which was not surprising. You see, at commuter schools, the students work & go to school. There's no time for flag burning, Fidel worshiping, and senseless protests. These kids were true "Reagan Democrats" and the reception they gave Reagan touched him deeply. So much so that Reagan wrote about it in his diary. Think that would have happened at Yale?

End of the Magic Ride of 84-85

You know how the season ended; we lost to Georgetown in the Final Four. Villanova went on to beat Georegtown in the Finals. Thompson put a box and 1 on Mullin,and we could never get going. Mullin scored 8 pts., it was the first time he did not reach double figures since he was in the womb.


One quibble: why would you put St. John's and Georgetown on the same side of the bracket so they would meet in the semi-finals? They were #1 and #2 all year. Its like having a boxing tournament that matched Ali-Frazier in one semi and Wepner & Quarry in the other.

I See The Light

Pete Hamill, on Brooklyn vs. Manhattan:

But in Brooklyn, the visitor, whether native son or total stranger, can experience a very special sense of beauty. Much of it derives from a simple fact: Manhattan is a vertical city, and Brooklyn is horizontal. In a preface to a collection of his short stories, John Cheever once talked about Manhattan when it “was still filled with a river light … and when almost everybody wore a hat.” Hats are making a minor comeback, but in Manhattan, the river light is gone forever.

The reason: the soaring scale of most Manhattan buildings blocks the light. But Brooklyn is still the wide, low borough of light, bouncing off the harbor and the ocean (out by Coney Island), a place of big skies, a place where you can see weather, not simply defend against it. Clouds move swiftly, driven by the wind, or hang in lazy stupor. Storms can be tracked visually, as the immense dark clouds make their tours. At dawn the sun begins to pass over Prospect Park, Green-Wood Cemetery, then all the way to the Verrazano Bridge, the start of its long day’s journey into the New Jersey night. The light is immanent, muted, a promise. Along the way, every neighborhood is given fresh clarity, every building assumes the kind of volume that depends upon shade as well as light. In Brooklyn, most building is on a human scale and so the sun can do its work of gilding every surface. You walk for the morning paper, and total strangers say, “Beautiful day.” And you must assent. And when the scale has been violated, by apartment houses or housing projects, two things are always lost: a sense of community, and beauty. The big Stalinesque apartment houses now rising on Fourth Avenue seem like faceless transients from Area Code 800. An apartment house, after all, is rarely a community. But above all, they violate any sense of Brooklyn scale. That is why much of the opposition to the Atlantic Yards project is so bitter. Brooklyn is not Frank Gehry. It’s Edward Hopper.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Not Going Away

Obama says that he technically does not want to get rid of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", no, instead, he just wants to get rid of it for the military but apply it to terrorists that we capture. Case in point, when they captured the Christmas Bomber, Obama's people practiced their own version of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. They gave the guy his Miranda rights, didn't ask him any questions, and he didn't tell any terrorist secrets.

So Don't Ask, Don't Tell won't go away under Obama. It will just take a different form.

I feel safer already.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Like The Guy

If there is any Democrat that Baldman has a soft spot for, its Governor Patterson. First, I admire that he never has played the blind card. When he took over for the disgraced Governor Spitzer, he admitted in his initial press conference that he had cheated on his wife. But that was not enough for the ravenous press. They hounded the poor bastard and demanded to know what credit cards he used when he went to hotels to engage in his extra-marital affairs. I was waiting for the guy to say: "I'm blind, how the fu*k do I know what credit cards I used?" But he never did that, and he gave the press the info they wanted.

Next, when Hillary quit her job as Senator from NY, Patterson was under a lot of pressure from liberals to appoint Caroline Kennedy to the Senate. Never mind the fact that the woman never held a job in her life, and couldn't put two sentences together. Patterson was given his orders: appoint a Kennedy. But Patterson never gave in to that pressure. He actually had the temerity to appoint someone who was qualified, and by qualified I mean someone who had held at least one job in their lifetime. Liberals were incensed.

Ever since the Caroline Kennedy snub, the libs have mounted a campaign to get Patterson to step aside and make room for Son of Mario. So far, Patterson has resisted that pressure. Good for him. You know, Son of Mario & his Pops, Mario, have endlessly lectured the world on the importance of affirmative action. Leaving aside quotas, set asides, etc. affirmative action means creating opportunities for qualified minorities so that they can flourish in those jobs. And the Cuomo's always tell us that's a good thing-and they are correct. But why don't they live by the rules they want the rest of us to follow? A couple of years back, Carl McCall, a qualified minority with years of experience in elective office, ran for governor. Who opposed him and wanted the job? Son of Mario. Son of Mario stood in his way. Now with Governor Patterson, Son of Mario is doing the same thing. Always remember that about the Cuomo's when they lecture from on high.

So when you look at Patterson's tenure as Governor, he has pissed off ultra liberals, rejected the Kennedy's & stood in the way of the Cuomo's.

Keep up the good work, Governor.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Stoop Psychology

Remember in Goodfellas when Tommy got whacked, Deniro was filled with grief, smashing the pay phone and all, but Henry Hill's reaction was much more subdued? Henry went through the motions of being sad, but in reality, he was kind of relived because Tommy was such a nut job.

I think after Peyton BLEW the Super Bowl yesterday, Eli had similar feelings. Outwardly, he was sad because its his brother, but on the inside, he was kind of happy because he is always being compared to his brother and the last thing he needs is his perfect brother adding to his legend. So Eli is like Henry Hill. The father, Archie, definitely feels like Deniro did, and probably beat up a pay phone after the game. And the older brother,Cooper is a character from another movie.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Mush Continues.....

Obama predicts Colts victory in Super Bowl - AP News Wire ...

Super Thoughts

1) The left is in an uproar that Tim Tebow had the audacity to be part of a pro-life commercial to be shown during the Super Bowl. They argue that the ad is not appropriate. Please. Truth be known, Baldman's research wing has uncovered video of Super Bowl champions that used their winning the biggest game of all as a platform to promote their pro-life views. These men spoke eloquently & unequivocally in their opposition to Roe v. Wade. One of these men, a Super Bowl MVP, is even announcing today's game. Click onto the link and watch it for yourself:

2) Everyone in the country is in a Super Bowl pool. Even the dead voters registered by ACORN in Chicago are in on the action. But here is a Stoop rule regarding Super Bowl pools: if someone misses an easy field goal,or scores a crazy touchdown in the last seconds,or misses an extra point while the clock winds down, and because of those actions you lost a chance to win a pool, you have a legitimate gripe. And you can whine about it for a little while. But you ever run into the people who complain about how they got a bad beat in a pool and they describe it like this:
"I got burned in the pool. All that had to happen was the Saints going for it on 4th down, and score a touchdown, then they try a two-point conversion & miss it, & then the Colts run the kickoff back for a touchdown & have the extra point blocked, and I would have won $10,000. I never have any luck in these pools." Watch for these people during/after the game.

3) The feds should get rid of President's Day & replace it with Washington-Lincoln Day to be celebrated the day after the Super Bowl. The coin used during the coin flip in the Super Bowl should honor Washington on one side & Lincoln on the other.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday To Them

Two legends were born on this day: Ronald Reagan & Bob Marley. Reagan would have been 99, & Marley 65. Perhaps Reagan should have named Marley the Chairman of the "Joint" Chiefs of Staff. It would have changed history as we know it. Reagan's most famous line would have been "Mr. Gorbachev, light up that spliff."

An Unborn Manning Child Will Be Next....

Did you see that USC has recruited & and received a verbal commitment from a 13- year- old quarterback? (See link below.) I heard the kid asked his father: "Daddy, can I stop going to class now,or do I have to wait until I go to USC to do that?"

13-year-old QB, father explain USC recruitment

Friday, February 5, 2010

What's The Holdup, Eric?

Have you noticed that Obama has recently started to boast that his administration is the most transparent Presidency ever? That he reveals all? Please. What he means by transparency is that the White House website lists the number of times George Clooney has visited the Oval Office. Not the sort of transparency we can believe in, no?

Every time the President crows about transparency in government, please remember this:

Three months ago, Steadman, I mean Eric Holder, testified before the Senate to defend the indefensible: the granting of full constitutional rights, including the right to a civilian/criminal trial, to the terrorists held @ GITMO.

During his deer in the headlights testimony, Holder was asked by Senator Grasserly to provide the names of the Justice Department lawyers who prior to joining the Justice Department, represented terrorists held in Gitmo. Steadman hemmed & hawed and said he would "consider the request."

It's been three months, and the names of these federal prosecutors have still not been made public by the Obama Administration.

Don't you think we have a right to know who these lawyers are? And what role they played in the decision that led to terrorists being granted the same constitutional rights as American citizens? Upon joining the Justice Department were these DOJ lawyers properly blocked from being involved in terrorist cases?

Here is exactly what Grasserly asked Holder:

This prior representation, I think, creates a conflict of interest problem for these individuals,” Grassley said, adding, “I want to know more about who is advising you on these decisions.” Grassley asked Holder to give the committee “the names of political appointees in your department who represent detainees or who work for organizations advocating on their behalf…the cases or projects that these appointees work with respect to detainee prior to joining the Justice Department…and the cases or projects relating to detainees that have worked on since joining the Justice Department.”
Again, its been three months, and Holder still has not provided this information.

Maybe he should change his name to Eric Withholder.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Best Meets The Best

For Baldman's money, David Halberstam is the greatest writer ever. For everyone's money, Ted Williams was the best hitter who ever lived. The got together one day, through their mutual friend Bobby Knight. Read about it below: - Page2 - One Splendid day

Look Ma, No Teleprompter!

The below is from Ann Coulter's column. It's commentary from the MSNBC cabal after Obama met with Republicans last week. You would have to be a tropical fish to be more in the tank than this crew:

MATTHEWS: Everybody agrees he could handle everything today. ...

OLBERMANN: It almost felt like watching the stories of John L. Sullivan, the 19th-century boxer, who would volunteer to fight anybody and everybody in the house and knock them all out. ...

MADDOW (imagining Obama thinking): You've brought a pet issue here, congressman, who is the ranking member of the Budget Committee, let me tell you 400,000 things about it, and invite you to continue the discussion with me later. ...

MATTHEWS: (T)oday showed me that we do produce probably the best candidate and best president we can in this system you can imagine in the world. ...

OLBERMANN: They had 140 players on the field and the other team had one guy and they lost to him.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stoop Jabs

I think it was John Derbyshire who recently wrote that we are not permitted to call the terrorist who attempted to blow up the plane over Detroit the"Christmas Bomber". Instead, we must refer to him as the "Holiday Bomber" or the "December 25th Bomber"....

Isn't it crazy that the man in charge of keeping us safe from terrorist bombs (Obama) got started in politics by having a fundraiser in the living room of Bill Ayers, a terrorist (Weather Underground) who conducted a bombing campaign IN AMERICA?

Did you know the ACLU,-which sued the NYPD for its random subway searches- has a sign in its NY building that says all visitors are subject to a search?

I see where the washed-up Danny Glover has been going around speaking about the virtues of Castro/Chavez -styled commie/socialist governments. Between you, me & the Stoop, how much of the "Lethal Weapon" loot do you think Danny the "spread the wealth" advocate shared with the lowest paid people who worked on those movies?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let Them Have The Honor

Did you ever notice that the worst public schools-schools that liberals have trapped generations of poor children in-are all named after great Americans? Washington/ Lincoln/ Adams/Franklin Hamilton & on and on. If these men rose from the grave, they would bring slander/libel lawsuits against the liberal establishment for ruining their good names. Since they always tell us that if you broke it you own it, why not apply that rule to the public schools? I say we take the good names of these men off of these wretched institutions and replace them with heroes of the left. This list is not all inclusive, but like liberals always say when we spend trillions on social programs, it doesn't solve the problem,but its a good start:

1. Jimmy Carter

2. William Kunstler

3. Ramsey Clark

4. Mario Cuomo

5. Margaret Sanger

6. Mumia Abu-Jamal

7. Phil Donahue

8. Dennis Kucinich

9. William O. Douglas

10. Al Franken

11. Harry Blackmun

12. Michael Moore

13. David Dinkins

14. Jane Fonda

15. Bella Abzug

16. Alan Alda

17. Al Gore

18. Danny Glover

19. Barbara Boxer

20. John Lindsay

21.Van Jones

22. Gavin Newsom

23. Norman Siegel

24. Ward Churchill

25. Sean Penn

26. David Shuster

27. Teddy the Murderer

28. Howard Dean

29. Susan Sarandon

30. Ron Kuby

31. Eric Holder

32. Cindy Sheehan

33. Maxine Waters

34. Dan Rather

35. John Kerry & his nutty wife

36. Arianna Huffington

37. Cynthia McKinney

38. Keith Olbermann

39. Elliot Spitzer

40. Nancy Pelosi

41. John Murtha

42. Rachel Maddow

43. Shelia Jackson Lee

44. Tim Robbins

45. Arlen Specter

46. Bill Maher

47. Barbra Streisand

Monday, February 1, 2010

Setting Them Up For Failure

Obama has proposed changes to the No Child Left Behind law. Check this out from the NYT:

The proposals for changes in the No Child law, the main statute governing the role of the federal government in public schools, would eliminate or rework many of the provisions that teachers’ unions, associations of principals, school boards and other groups have found most objectionable.

Do you see parents/children and their concerns being addressed above? Neither do I. It's always about the Teacher's Union. Always. The Stoop has a crazy philosophy about schools: they exist to educate children. The best interest of the child always trumps the interests of the unionized worker-who works only 8 months a year.

The bill will deemphasize the use of test scores in evaluating schools. How does that help children? When you apply to college & grad school, aren't your test scores vital? Baldman always advises kids that test scores are like tattoos: they are permanent & stay with you. And the last thing you want to be stuck with is a bad tattoo. But the Obama administration wants to hide that truth from parents & kids. Here is the Progressive Plan for public education: First, the kids are not passing tests. So the tests must be the problem. So let's make the passing grade lower so more kids pass the tests. When that doesn't work, oh well, just say the tests really don't matter in the first place. But above all else, WE MUST run everything by the Teacher's Union for approval.

But the main problem with the bill is that there is NOTHING in there that would help parents get their kids out of FAILING public schools. Simply put, there is no education vouchers in the bill.

Listen up, and I say it over and over: the lack of educational choices in urban America is a moral offense. Liberals citizens and liberal politicians have locked far too many generations of children into schools that we all know should be closed.They have chosen time and again to stand with the Teacher's Union and against parents and their children.

And the Obama Administration,which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Teacher's Union, continues and even escalates this downward spiral.

Progressives always yap that they are into choice, but they write the rules & control the money that mandates that poor kids MUST ATTEND horrible schools.

No one has been able to explain to me why at age 18 you have private student loans, federal grants, state grants, federal loans, in-state tuition reduction work-study programs and you can apply to any school in the nation without any government interference, but at age 17 you have to attend Thomas Jefferson High School, JUST BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT SAYS SO? Why at 18 is education portable, you take your aid wherever you go, but at 17, you are stuck with no choices?

You see, progressives always knows what's best for you and your kids. And if you had school choice, that power would be taken away from them, and given to the parents-where it belongs.

They trap kids in horrible schools,and lock the doors behind them.

And Obama is spending billions- pouring bad money after bad money- to continue this cycle of failure.

We have all the data we need to indicate that too many schools in urban America remain open WHEN WE KNOW THEY ARE NOT PROVIDING OUR KIDS WITH AN ADEQUATE EDUCATION.

Why not give single parent households & families making below 50k a voucher check that can be used to send their kids to schools that will provide their children with the education they need to get ahead in American society?

How can anyone in their right mind be against that?

Power To The People, Baby

I know a lot of the time it feels like the game is rigged. That the federal government does whatever the hell it wants, and the people are powerless to stop it. But over the last couple of years, there has been two movements that have turned that conventionally thinking on its head.

The first occured a couple of years back. You had a President in Bush who wanted to give Amnesty to illegal aliens. You also had Democratic majorities in the Congress & Senate that so overwhelmingly endorsed Bush's plan, they never even used the term"illegal aliens", instead, they called them "soon to be registered Democrats". So the stars were aligned, and the game was more fixed than a Henry Hill attended Boston College basketball game. But a funny thing happened on the way to Amnesty Road. The people happened. A huge majority of Americans felt (and continue to feel) that you don't reward those who violated our Immigration laws. That its wrong. They were mad, like the way you get mad when someone cuts in front of you when you are waiting on line to see a movie. Amnesty was not fair to the American people who expect our border laws to be enforced, and it was not fair to those in foreign countries that obey our laws and apply for visas and patiently wait their turn. As a result, the people let their feelings be known. They hit the phones in a massive way,and let their elected officials know how they felt about granting Amnesty to illegal aliens. And they were able to halt the President-Senate-Congress from imposing their will upon the American people.

The second example was health care. The people saw the health care plan for what it was: a massive socialist takeover of 1/6 of the American economy that would break the bank. Again you had the President/Congress/Senate all in favor of this monstrosity. They could care less about what the people thought. And because the progressives who control the federal government didn't care about the people, (remember, progressives know what the people need regardless of whether they want it or not), this combination of arrogance and indifference gave birth to the Tea Party Movement. And the Tea Party people, these magnificent Americans, stood together against the forces of federal power in this country. And they put health care on its death bed. During Obama's State of the Union address, the cameras should have panned to Dr. Kevorkian whenever he talked about health care. Cause its dead. Thank you, Tea Party people.

So whenever you think the feds can't be stopped, always remember how the people got together to stop Amnesty & socialist health care.