Monday, February 1, 2010

Power To The People, Baby

I know a lot of the time it feels like the game is rigged. That the federal government does whatever the hell it wants, and the people are powerless to stop it. But over the last couple of years, there has been two movements that have turned that conventionally thinking on its head.

The first occured a couple of years back. You had a President in Bush who wanted to give Amnesty to illegal aliens. You also had Democratic majorities in the Congress & Senate that so overwhelmingly endorsed Bush's plan, they never even used the term"illegal aliens", instead, they called them "soon to be registered Democrats". So the stars were aligned, and the game was more fixed than a Henry Hill attended Boston College basketball game. But a funny thing happened on the way to Amnesty Road. The people happened. A huge majority of Americans felt (and continue to feel) that you don't reward those who violated our Immigration laws. That its wrong. They were mad, like the way you get mad when someone cuts in front of you when you are waiting on line to see a movie. Amnesty was not fair to the American people who expect our border laws to be enforced, and it was not fair to those in foreign countries that obey our laws and apply for visas and patiently wait their turn. As a result, the people let their feelings be known. They hit the phones in a massive way,and let their elected officials know how they felt about granting Amnesty to illegal aliens. And they were able to halt the President-Senate-Congress from imposing their will upon the American people.

The second example was health care. The people saw the health care plan for what it was: a massive socialist takeover of 1/6 of the American economy that would break the bank. Again you had the President/Congress/Senate all in favor of this monstrosity. They could care less about what the people thought. And because the progressives who control the federal government didn't care about the people, (remember, progressives know what the people need regardless of whether they want it or not), this combination of arrogance and indifference gave birth to the Tea Party Movement. And the Tea Party people, these magnificent Americans, stood together against the forces of federal power in this country. And they put health care on its death bed. During Obama's State of the Union address, the cameras should have panned to Dr. Kevorkian whenever he talked about health care. Cause its dead. Thank you, Tea Party people.

So whenever you think the feds can't be stopped, always remember how the people got together to stop Amnesty & socialist health care.

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