Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let Them Have The Honor

Did you ever notice that the worst public schools-schools that liberals have trapped generations of poor children in-are all named after great Americans? Washington/ Lincoln/ Adams/Franklin Hamilton & on and on. If these men rose from the grave, they would bring slander/libel lawsuits against the liberal establishment for ruining their good names. Since they always tell us that if you broke it you own it, why not apply that rule to the public schools? I say we take the good names of these men off of these wretched institutions and replace them with heroes of the left. This list is not all inclusive, but like liberals always say when we spend trillions on social programs, it doesn't solve the problem,but its a good start:

1. Jimmy Carter

2. William Kunstler

3. Ramsey Clark

4. Mario Cuomo

5. Margaret Sanger

6. Mumia Abu-Jamal

7. Phil Donahue

8. Dennis Kucinich

9. William O. Douglas

10. Al Franken

11. Harry Blackmun

12. Michael Moore

13. David Dinkins

14. Jane Fonda

15. Bella Abzug

16. Alan Alda

17. Al Gore

18. Danny Glover

19. Barbara Boxer

20. John Lindsay

21.Van Jones

22. Gavin Newsom

23. Norman Siegel

24. Ward Churchill

25. Sean Penn

26. David Shuster

27. Teddy the Murderer

28. Howard Dean

29. Susan Sarandon

30. Ron Kuby

31. Eric Holder

32. Cindy Sheehan

33. Maxine Waters

34. Dan Rather

35. John Kerry & his nutty wife

36. Arianna Huffington

37. Cynthia McKinney

38. Keith Olbermann

39. Elliot Spitzer

40. Nancy Pelosi

41. John Murtha

42. Rachel Maddow

43. Shelia Jackson Lee

44. Tim Robbins

45. Arlen Specter

46. Bill Maher

47. Barbra Streisand

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