Monday, February 1, 2010

Setting Them Up For Failure

Obama has proposed changes to the No Child Left Behind law. Check this out from the NYT:

The proposals for changes in the No Child law, the main statute governing the role of the federal government in public schools, would eliminate or rework many of the provisions that teachers’ unions, associations of principals, school boards and other groups have found most objectionable.

Do you see parents/children and their concerns being addressed above? Neither do I. It's always about the Teacher's Union. Always. The Stoop has a crazy philosophy about schools: they exist to educate children. The best interest of the child always trumps the interests of the unionized worker-who works only 8 months a year.

The bill will deemphasize the use of test scores in evaluating schools. How does that help children? When you apply to college & grad school, aren't your test scores vital? Baldman always advises kids that test scores are like tattoos: they are permanent & stay with you. And the last thing you want to be stuck with is a bad tattoo. But the Obama administration wants to hide that truth from parents & kids. Here is the Progressive Plan for public education: First, the kids are not passing tests. So the tests must be the problem. So let's make the passing grade lower so more kids pass the tests. When that doesn't work, oh well, just say the tests really don't matter in the first place. But above all else, WE MUST run everything by the Teacher's Union for approval.

But the main problem with the bill is that there is NOTHING in there that would help parents get their kids out of FAILING public schools. Simply put, there is no education vouchers in the bill.

Listen up, and I say it over and over: the lack of educational choices in urban America is a moral offense. Liberals citizens and liberal politicians have locked far too many generations of children into schools that we all know should be closed.They have chosen time and again to stand with the Teacher's Union and against parents and their children.

And the Obama Administration,which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Teacher's Union, continues and even escalates this downward spiral.

Progressives always yap that they are into choice, but they write the rules & control the money that mandates that poor kids MUST ATTEND horrible schools.

No one has been able to explain to me why at age 18 you have private student loans, federal grants, state grants, federal loans, in-state tuition reduction work-study programs and you can apply to any school in the nation without any government interference, but at age 17 you have to attend Thomas Jefferson High School, JUST BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT SAYS SO? Why at 18 is education portable, you take your aid wherever you go, but at 17, you are stuck with no choices?

You see, progressives always knows what's best for you and your kids. And if you had school choice, that power would be taken away from them, and given to the parents-where it belongs.

They trap kids in horrible schools,and lock the doors behind them.

And Obama is spending billions- pouring bad money after bad money- to continue this cycle of failure.

We have all the data we need to indicate that too many schools in urban America remain open WHEN WE KNOW THEY ARE NOT PROVIDING OUR KIDS WITH AN ADEQUATE EDUCATION.

Why not give single parent households & families making below 50k a voucher check that can be used to send their kids to schools that will provide their children with the education they need to get ahead in American society?

How can anyone in their right mind be against that?

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