Sunday, February 21, 2010


From NYT- Dave Debusschere funeral:

And Mel Davis, from Brooklyn and St. John's, who joined the Knicks before the 1973-74 season, at the tail end of their sweet run, summed up the sense of the times, the connection between the Knicks and the rest of the city. DeBusschere, he said, was ''part of a special team, a special time in the history of the sport, and a special time in New York.'' He added, ''They took the town by storm, and we embraced them and never let go -- and they never left us.''

Because the quality of professional/college basketball has been so bad for so long in this town, the Stoop is really looking forward to tomorrow night,when the Knicks celebrate the 40th anniversary of their 1970 championship team.

You know, recently, with Lebron mania running wild, Kobe Bryant was quoted as saying that if Lebron went to the Knicks, it will be the first time the Knicks have ever had such a superstar. My initial reaction was anger. Anger at Kobe's ignorance. It made me think of the time when Latrell Sprewell was asked a question about Earl Monroe,and Sprewell dismissed the question with an offhand remark saying in effect "I'm 28 years old,what are you asking me about him for?"

But my anger gave way. And it gave way when I heard Clyde comment on Kobe's remarks. Clyde said Kobe was right. The Knicks had never had a superstar like Lebron before. Clyde said that the 1970-73 Knicks did not have a superstar-they had super team. There wasn't one guy carrying that team.

Clyde's remarks made a light go on in Baldman's bald head. When you think of those Knick teams, you think Frazier-Barnett-Bradley-Debusschere-Reed. And then you add Lucas & Earl for the 2nd championship. All coached by Red. The greatest coach this town ever had and no one ever talks about him.

The 1970 Knicks had 6 players who averaged double figures. Two others averaged 7 points a game. They all could pass-shoot & defend. They hit the open man. They were all capable of taking the last shot-or making the pass that led to the pass to the last shot.

They maximized & blended their talents for the greater good-the team. They conducted themselves with class & intelligence- on and off the basketball court.

They set the gold standard in this town.

When they got together, they changed basketball forever in this town. And since they left, basketball has never been the same. Not even close.

So Kobe was right.

''He seemed to say, 'What's the point of achieving anything in basketball if you can't share it?''' -Bill Bradley-Dave Debusschere eulogy.

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