Friday, February 19, 2010

Passing The Buck

Thoughts On Obama Appointing a Deficit Commission:

It's just another example of what happens when you elect a person with no chief executive experience. Simply put, the Presidency is the first job he has ever had where he and he alone was responsible for making hard decisions. Think about it: he was in the Senate -for barely two years- where you vote up or down on legislation. Or you decide not to vote. In the Senate, you are one out of 100. You are not in charge of anything-you just vote on stuff. (That's why, incidentally, so few Senators go on to the Presidency. The nature of the Senate does not lend itself to chief executive decision making. Think of John Kerry's "I voted for it before I voted against it"campaign.) Prior to the Senate, he was in the Illinois State legislature. Again, a place where no executive decision making occurs. Of course, he was a Constitutional law professor, where the most important decision you make is "Should I smoke a blunt before, or after class?" And lets not forget the community organizer stuff, where you rely on donors & the government to supply you with funds. It that field, you are shielded from the real world because you don't have to produce a product, turn a profit, or be subject to market considerations that businesses must adhere to. Once again, not a place where one person is responsible for decisions.

Because Obama has NO experience in making hard decisions in which he is solely responsible, he does what comes naturally to him: he forms groups/committees or relies on others to make decisions that HE needs to make. It happened with health care. He let the Congress be the chief architects of that Socialist plan. He never provided Congress with a Socialist Health Care Bill & said "Pass this." No, instead, he let them do the work in coming up with the details. Listen, I am happy that health care is dead-but a real chief executive would have delivered his own bill to Congress. It also happened with Iran, when the courageous people took to the streets because they wanted to shed an Islamic government, they looked to the President of the United States to provide SOME kind of support. Any kind of support. A speech expressing solidarity with the movement would have been all they needed. But what did Obama do? He hid under his desk & did nothing. Why? It was because he was not used to being "the man". He couldn't hide behind a committee, he was paralyzed with indecision. And most egregiously, it happened with the decision to give the terrorists civil trials. Obama says its Holder's call. As the commander-in -chief of this country,how can Obama under any circumstances claim that someone other than himself has the right to declare someone an enemy combatant? How can ANY President delegate that responsibility? Again, it all ties into his lack of executive experience.

And that's why Obama has appointed this deficit commission. As president,he has the power to veto any legislation that he deems too costly. But that would mean his neck was on the line. So once again, he would rather delegate that core responsibility to someone else.

Always remember, we are a product of our prior experiences. Even Obama. And that's why we are where we are.

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