Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stoop Jabs

I think it was John Derbyshire who recently wrote that we are not permitted to call the terrorist who attempted to blow up the plane over Detroit the"Christmas Bomber". Instead, we must refer to him as the "Holiday Bomber" or the "December 25th Bomber"....

Isn't it crazy that the man in charge of keeping us safe from terrorist bombs (Obama) got started in politics by having a fundraiser in the living room of Bill Ayers, a terrorist (Weather Underground) who conducted a bombing campaign IN AMERICA?

Did you know the ACLU,-which sued the NYPD for its random subway searches- has a sign in its NY building that says all visitors are subject to a search?

I see where the washed-up Danny Glover has been going around speaking about the virtues of Castro/Chavez -styled commie/socialist governments. Between you, me & the Stoop, how much of the "Lethal Weapon" loot do you think Danny the "spread the wealth" advocate shared with the lowest paid people who worked on those movies?

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