Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Like The Guy

If there is any Democrat that Baldman has a soft spot for, its Governor Patterson. First, I admire that he never has played the blind card. When he took over for the disgraced Governor Spitzer, he admitted in his initial press conference that he had cheated on his wife. But that was not enough for the ravenous press. They hounded the poor bastard and demanded to know what credit cards he used when he went to hotels to engage in his extra-marital affairs. I was waiting for the guy to say: "I'm blind, how the fu*k do I know what credit cards I used?" But he never did that, and he gave the press the info they wanted.

Next, when Hillary quit her job as Senator from NY, Patterson was under a lot of pressure from liberals to appoint Caroline Kennedy to the Senate. Never mind the fact that the woman never held a job in her life, and couldn't put two sentences together. Patterson was given his orders: appoint a Kennedy. But Patterson never gave in to that pressure. He actually had the temerity to appoint someone who was qualified, and by qualified I mean someone who had held at least one job in their lifetime. Liberals were incensed.

Ever since the Caroline Kennedy snub, the libs have mounted a campaign to get Patterson to step aside and make room for Son of Mario. So far, Patterson has resisted that pressure. Good for him. You know, Son of Mario & his Pops, Mario, have endlessly lectured the world on the importance of affirmative action. Leaving aside quotas, set asides, etc. affirmative action means creating opportunities for qualified minorities so that they can flourish in those jobs. And the Cuomo's always tell us that's a good thing-and they are correct. But why don't they live by the rules they want the rest of us to follow? A couple of years back, Carl McCall, a qualified minority with years of experience in elective office, ran for governor. Who opposed him and wanted the job? Son of Mario. Son of Mario stood in his way. Now with Governor Patterson, Son of Mario is doing the same thing. Always remember that about the Cuomo's when they lecture from on high.

So when you look at Patterson's tenure as Governor, he has pissed off ultra liberals, rejected the Kennedy's & stood in the way of the Cuomo's.

Keep up the good work, Governor.

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