Monday, February 8, 2010

Stoop Psychology

Remember in Goodfellas when Tommy got whacked, Deniro was filled with grief, smashing the pay phone and all, but Henry Hill's reaction was much more subdued? Henry went through the motions of being sad, but in reality, he was kind of relived because Tommy was such a nut job.

I think after Peyton BLEW the Super Bowl yesterday, Eli had similar feelings. Outwardly, he was sad because its his brother, but on the inside, he was kind of happy because he is always being compared to his brother and the last thing he needs is his perfect brother adding to his legend. So Eli is like Henry Hill. The father, Archie, definitely feels like Deniro did, and probably beat up a pay phone after the game. And the older brother,Cooper is a character from another movie.


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