Monday, February 15, 2010

How It Went Down

On this President's Day, (I mean Washington & Lincoln's Day), its worth noting that John Wilkes Booth's co-conspirators received a MILITARY TRIAL about a month after Lincoln was assassinated. Two months later, they were hung. As for Booth, the barn he was hiding in was torched by soldiers, and when he tried to flee the barn he was shot dead in the face.

That's how it happened.

No Miranda rights. No memos from government lawyers explaining that you could not torch the barn. No ACLU lawyers trying to bring criminal cases against the soldiers that killed Booth. No concerns that military trials were inherently unfair to the murderers of the President.

Always remember that the Civil War generation of Americans shed more blood and lost more lives than any generation of Americans before or since. The casualty rate was six times that of World War II. With the current population, we would have to lose 6 million soldiers in a four year war just to equal the rate of men killed during the Civil War.

They were serious people hardened by the realities of war. And the point is,they knew how to deal with evil. Hence, swift military trials, followed by public hangings.

The Progressives among us would claim that we have evolved since the Civil War, and that the methods they used to eradicate evil don't conform with the norms of modern civil society. In effect, they argue that they know better than those that came before us. That they know better than the Civil War generation.

They are fools. Arrogant fools.

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