Friday, February 12, 2010

Core Beliefs

Bill Clinton had a minor heart procedure done yesterday. Check this out from a story yesterday on Clinton's eating habits:

Clinton's legend as a voracious and unhealthy eater was sealed in 1992, when the newly minted presidential candidate took reporters on jogs to McDonald's. He liked hamburgers, steaks, french fries — lots of them — and was a sloppy eater who could gobble an apple (core and all) in two bites and ask for more.

Eating the the apple core? Whoever heard of such a thing? Baldman is no doctor, but perhaps its the apple cores that are clogging up his arteries. Forget about lying under oath, eating apple core's should have been the impeachable offense.

While Clinton's health may be deteriorating, his presidency looks better every day. Just by not being Obama, he looks good. You see, Clinton may have eaten apple cores, but he had no core beliefs. He was a defanged democrat-and he knew it. That's why he could pass welfare reform and balanced budgets.

If Bill Clinton showed up in Bill Ayers house, it would be because he wanted to smoke pot or meet some chicks. When Obama showed up at the same house, it was because he was DOWN WITH THE CAUSE.

Clinton was an empty vessel, which could be loaded up with anything. Obama, he wants to take the good ship America & steer it into an iceberg called SOCIALISM. And trust me, Baldman does not use that term lightly. But when you have government takeover of banks & car companies, massive spending, government-imposed salary caps on the financial services industry, and the attempted nationalization of health care-what would you call it?


Commie Blaster said...

New Hilarious, Commie Obama and Hillary Clinton video that will have you laughing:

Alex Baldman said...

The video is hilarious. keep'em coming.