Sunday, February 28, 2010

He Can't Help Himself

You ever have a friend who for years has been told they are good at something, but the truth is, they suck, but no one has the heart to tell them the truth? Say a person has been told since she was a kid that they have a great singing voice. But the people telling her that were just "being nice". So she sings at the karaoke contests in your local bar. When she sings in the bar, she really believes she is part Patti Labelle, part Streisand, but in actuality, she is so horrible, the local dogs in the neighborhood are running in circles and chasing their tails while holding their ears. Since no one ever had the heart to tell her the truth, she has no conception that the thing she thinks she is great at, she really has no talent for.

Obama's health care strategy is like the girl singing karaoke in the local bar. Since the people around him and the liberal press have forever told him he is great at public speaking, he figures time after time after time that all he has to do to pass socialized medicine is give another one of his brilliant speeches to the masses. He thinks that is the solution... to everything. But like the girl in the local bar, he has no awareness that what he thinks is his strength is in reality a horrible weakness. The truth of the matter is, the more he talks about health care, the less support he receives. In that way, he is the anti-Reagan. The anti-communicator. But liberals have so much invested in this idea that Obama is a talented speaker, they WILL NEVER tell him that less is more. That he needs to zip it. Plus, like most progressives, Obama lacks the ability to be self critical, so he never questions the positions he takes nor the methods used to promote those positions.

As a result, the man is oblivious to the undeniable truth. Just know that when he trots out another speech on health care.

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