Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Thoughts

1) The left is in an uproar that Tim Tebow had the audacity to be part of a pro-life commercial to be shown during the Super Bowl. They argue that the ad is not appropriate. Please. Truth be known, Baldman's research wing has uncovered video of Super Bowl champions that used their winning the biggest game of all as a platform to promote their pro-life views. These men spoke eloquently & unequivocally in their opposition to Roe v. Wade. One of these men, a Super Bowl MVP, is even announcing today's game. Click onto the link and watch it for yourself:

2) Everyone in the country is in a Super Bowl pool. Even the dead voters registered by ACORN in Chicago are in on the action. But here is a Stoop rule regarding Super Bowl pools: if someone misses an easy field goal,or scores a crazy touchdown in the last seconds,or misses an extra point while the clock winds down, and because of those actions you lost a chance to win a pool, you have a legitimate gripe. And you can whine about it for a little while. But you ever run into the people who complain about how they got a bad beat in a pool and they describe it like this:
"I got burned in the pool. All that had to happen was the Saints going for it on 4th down, and score a touchdown, then they try a two-point conversion & miss it, & then the Colts run the kickoff back for a touchdown & have the extra point blocked, and I would have won $10,000. I never have any luck in these pools." Watch for these people during/after the game.

3) The feds should get rid of President's Day & replace it with Washington-Lincoln Day to be celebrated the day after the Super Bowl. The coin used during the coin flip in the Super Bowl should honor Washington on one side & Lincoln on the other.

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