Monday, April 11, 2011

Touchy Feely Liberals

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) groping at airports is so out of control, I'm surprised Woody Allen & Roman Polanski have not applied for jobs.  Here are the best TSA slogans from twitter:

Your 6-year-old daughter doesn't *look* dangerous, but it's hard to see in here with these energy-efficient lightbulbs.

We need to pat down all the children and grannies so we don't hurt the terrorists feelings.

We'll show you on the doll where the blue-shirted man will touch you. 

Your Personal Baggage Handlers Since 2010.

We fondle you so we can keep the border open.

"Keeping America Safe From Randomly Selected Americans”

We do some of the things you can't do in the champagne room.

There's a reason they call us liberal.

Tell it to Napolitano.

Please step out of the wheelchair, sir.

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