Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weiner The Miner

Enough with this story with the miners in Chile. (And by the way, I pronounce is "Chili".) The only thing that would have interested me is if one of them said, " Fuck it, leave me down here." By the way, was Anthony Weiner one of the miners? I ask because the Congressional Weasel has been MIA for the last two months. And this is a man who would start his day on Morning Joe and end it on Bill Maher. And in between, he would hold press conferences with goats to show the sheeple that he was tough on spending. So when a human web cam like Weiner goes missing for months, you have to know that it is intentional, that it is killing him to not be in front of a camera, and that he is doing it as a weaselly attempt to hide from the coming electoral tsunami that will wipe out the left wing nut jobs from Congress.

But the wave will hit him too.

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