Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No Balls

Apparently, the UCONN girl's basketball team has won 88 games in a row, and the progressive gods of liberal equality are claiming that if they win their next game, they will break the men's record held by John Wooden's UCLA team.

And in a related story, a 10-year-old boy in California just broke Hank Aaron's home run record.

Stop with this nonsense that the UCONN girl's team is comparable to UCLA or any other men's team.

It is different because they are different.

Biology matters. That's why we have separate bathrooms, and that's why we give up a seat on a train to a pregnant woman.

The mindless liberal argument: both UCLA and UCONN play college basketball so therefore UCONN girls winning 89 games in a row trumps UCLA men winning 88 in a row.

Really?  There is no difference?  If there is no difference, how come UCONN just happened to schedule every game during the winning streak against other girl's teams?  That must have been just a random coincidence, right?


I will believe that the UCONN girls broke the UCLA record when you show me a girl who can block Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar's sky hook.

UCONN lacks balls-literally.

UCONN= U Clearly Own No Nuts

What is the UCLA message to UCONN?  U Clearly Lack A (SET OF BALLS).

And therein lies all the difference.

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