Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yes We Can! (Turn A Funeral Into A Political Rally)

When you think the filthy left could not be more unhinged from reality, they do things to make you think again. What a disgrace that was at the memorial service in Tucson.  Handing out t -shirts at a funeral?  People were murdered and they make it an Obama pep rally?  And don't buy for a second that Obama did not endorse passing out of the t shirts.  This man's every public appearance is more scripted and orchestrated than a Scorsese movie.  He literally can't speak to a kindergarten class without help from his Teleprompter.  So of course he was down with it.  I'm surprised they did not have idiots shooting the t- shirts into the crowd like they do at Knick games.  Maybe they didn't do that because  in their twisted mind, they think it would promote gun use.  How unserious are these people? After the cheers and t- shirts, I was expecting the Black Eyed Peas or Dave Mathews  to come out from behind the stage and start singing-at a funeral.  Because young people can really relate to the president.

So they pin a mass murder on Sarah Palin, and then they celebrate at the funeral by handing out Obama t- shirts.

Do me a favor: when I die, don't hand out any t -shirts; even if the President of the United States of America shows up.

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