Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2nd Annual Brooklyn Free Summer Concerts Schedule Review

Betcha by golly, wowYou're the one that I've been waiting for foreverAnd ever will my love for you keep growin' strongKeep growin' strong- The Stylistics

The Prospect Park, Wingate Park & Coney Island Free Concert Schedules are up and running. And once again the Prospect Park lineup finishes third in a 3 horse race.

First, before we get into the analysis, lets hope that all of the Prospect Park performers actually live long enough to perform. Why? Last year, three of the performers died either soon after or on the day of the performance! (Isaac Hayes died a few weeks after, the lead singer of the Dixie Hummingbirds died the day of, and some South African lady died soon after.) With that track record, I was hoping for a lot of heavy metal bands this year in the park.

But alas, once again the music in the Park has been sacrificed at the altar of diversity. As a result, there are only 3 or 4 events that I will attend.

The musical groups in the band-shell this year would make a great Jeopardy category: "Alex, I will take the least known, most obscure music for $200, please." "Answer: What is Celebrate Brooklyn 2009?"

This year I have to hand it to them. For a lot of these acts, I can't figure out what the hell is going to happen.

Example, this Saturday, here is what's on tap:

Saturday, June 20, 7:30 P.M.La Nave de los Monstruos, with live score by Ethel and Gutbucket
Co-presented with
Cinema Tropical.
La Nave de los Monstruos was originally part of the film series “El Futuro Más Acá: The Future South of the Border” curated by Itala Schmelz, Héctor Orozco and Vania Rojas.

Apparently, they are going to show this Mexican Horror Movie that was made in 1959. At certain points, they are gonna have Ethel and Gutbucket play songs, instruments, pots & pans,who knows?

Ehtel is described as the "nation's premier rock-infused, postclassical string quartet". Wow. Who knew they were # 1? I, mean, I knew they were in the top five, but # 1? Does Casey Kasem have a countdown of the nations top rock-infused, postclassical string quartets? I am all ears.

Never knew that Mexican horror movies made before Alaska was a state combined with music by rock-infused postclassical string quartets had such a big following.

Well they don't of course. It's just another example of those in charge of trying to hard to be hip, relevant & diverse.

But you know who has a large diverse following? Donna Summer does. And she is performing at Coney Island (GutBucket will not be on the bill.)

So does Hall & Oates. So does Blondie, with Pat Benatar on the same night. Gladys Knight with the O'Jays, on the same bill. Mountain & John Sebastion and more to be announced at the great venue at Coney Island.

How bout Wingate Park? You get The Stylistics, The O'Jays, Jerry Butler and Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes on the same night! More hits than Wade Boggs.

Wingate always has top caliber acts: Anita Baker, Teena Marie and the great Gospel Singer Yolanda Adams will be an Wingate this year, with more to be announced.

The lesson: Give the people what they want.

Now some of you champions of diversity may think I am close-minded because I have no intention of watching a Mexican Horror movie with music by the legendary Scum Bucket.

But while you are on your blanket sipping white wine pretending how great Scum Bucket is, especially when combined with a post-classical, pre-modern ex post facto string quartet, I will be one of the few white people in Wingate Park singing along to "Betcha By Golly Wow" by the legendary Stylistics.

So save your diversity lectures, OK?

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