Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Talkin Out of School

This one I am going to need some help understanding. A lot of you are parents out there. To say your child's education is important to you is the understatement of the year.

So you do your research as a parent, and for generations you hear praise for Prep Schools like St. Ann's , Brooklyn Friends & Packer.

These are the best schools you are told. What a staff. So progressive.

But have you ever looked into the people who run these schools?

Let's start with St. Ann's. St. Ann's was founded by Stanley Boswworth, who ran the school for 40 years (until at least 2005) . Stanley was very close with students, staff and school administrators. I say that because he freely admits to having sex with all three.

This is a quote from a former St. Ann's student in a 2004 New York Magazine article on St. Anne's:

He was inappropriate with me as a student,” “He didn’t make a pass at me, but he talked about things you shouldn’t talk about. The understanding was that a number of the teachers were having sex with students—and for all I know, this was an act of the imaginations of teenagers—but Stanley was condoning it by making fun of it. He told me, ‘I don’t know why any [teacher] would want to have sex with a virgin: It’s like having a mummy!’ Stuff would come spilling out of him.

I'm sure a lot of a stuff came spilling out of "Headmaster" Bosworth.

Here is Headmaster Bosworth in the same article talking about his faculty:

“Proust says of a love affair, it is as if having heard a tune, that you knew somewhere in the middle of it that you could whistle the rest. Mind you, all he wanted was a man’s penis to suck, but I happen not to be Marcel. About a third of my staff are gay, another third are androgynous, and the third third are still trying to figure out where to put it.”

How I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear the parent-teacher conference between my pal Tom and 2/3 of the teachers at St. Ann's.

In a school where there are no grades, and older students make their own schedules "Headmaster" Bosworth seems to equate sexual expression with college preparatory high school education. Here's Bosworth answering a question on his own educational background:

“I learned French being in France and sleeping with Lucy. I learned German being in Germany and sleeping with Ana Lisa Schmidt!” Then he pauses. “Ah, how many women I have squired across the English Channel .”

Seems like Stanley was the Headmaster before he was the Headmaster.

Yes its true, these kids get into the best colleges, but do you want this guy around your kid?

After reading about the culture at St. Ann's, now I know why Obama included so much money for condoms in the stimulus bill.

Which brings us to Brooklyn Friends.

Brooklyn Friends is a Quaker School. The Quakers be live in pacifism. They are anti-war to the core. You would think that the leadership of Brooklyn Friends would at the very least adhere to the tenets of the Quaker religion.

Sadly, that is not the case. Dori Dietz Blitz is Dean of the Upper School at Brooklyn Friends. In the 1980's she applied for training in a federal government program. In order to be admitted to the program you had to answer the following question:

Do you now, or have you within the past five years, publicly advocated the violent overthrow of the federal government?”

Mrs. Blitz, at that time a member of the Communist Worker's Party, refused to answer the question. (For me, math questions were always the hardest to answer; I think I would have nailed this question.)

Think about that: the violent overthrow of the American Federal Government.

You want someone like that around your kid? Teaching your kid?

Any horse-player will tell you its better to hit a triple than an exacta, so let me tell you what I know about Packer. During the beginning of the Iraqi War, a Packer High School Sophomore told me he had a test where the question was "Why was America in Iraq?" The only acceptable answer accepted by this so -called teacher was "To steal Iraqi oil."

No critical thinking was accepted, no analysis that did not include the stealing of oil was acceptable. I'm sorry, that is not teaching; it is indoctrination. I'm sure if the kid wrote "Reagan created AIDS to exterminate black people" he would have received extra credit.

So there you have it. Sex between the faculty and students, the violent overthrow of the U.S., and anti-American rhetoric disguised as critical theory.

All for $30,000 a year.

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