Monday, May 2, 2011

I Love It So...

Could it have played out any better?

Our guys go to Osama's house, break in, put two bullets in his head,-- in front of his wife (one of many) and children-- and take his body and dump it into the ocean?

A straight-up assassination.  Let me count the ways I love it so:

1) It was just us.  No "international community".  No "coalition of the willing".  We did not inform ANYBODY.  We did not feel the compulsion to get others to at least fake that they were involved in the assassination.  We did not say, "Hey England, or Australia, want to hold onto this ham radio during the raid?  We'll give you credit during the press conference."  It was vital that Bin Laden was killed by an American.  By going it alone, we ensured that it played out that way.

2) We did not ask permission from Pakistan.  We tracked him, found him and killed him. We did not let geographical borders impede the mission.

3) No lawyers. No Miranda warnings-unless Miranda was the name of the broad Bid Laden the coward used as a human shield before he took two to the head.  No memorandum from the Justice Department on how many times the SEALS had to knock on the door before proceeding.  It was a military operation-not a criminal justice take down.  No subpoenas, depositions or motions.  Just two to the head.

4) Our military guys.  God bless them, the SEALS and all the rest.  They are the best of the best. Look at the percentage of people that serve in the military compared to those that do not or have not served. The disparity is the largest in American history.  They have taken on a burden that is so disproportionate-and yet they never complain.  What they did yesterday will be remembered ---for as long as we have a country--as one of the greatest military achievements in American history.  How can you not burst with pride when you think about our military?  

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