Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has been whining that there is no statue of him outside the Staples Center.  Now there are two things we know about Kareem:

1) He had the most unstoppable weapon in the history of sports-the sky hook.  He was automatic.  With Kareem, once he got into that rolling motion, you put the two points in the books.  With every other superstar (Jordan, Bird, etc.) they would occasionally make a shot where you could not believe it went in.  With Kareem, there were no surprises-you knew it was going in.  Always.

2) He has spent his whole life being a dick to people.  (Check out the Adam Carolla video below, where he witnessed Jabbar dealing with a kid's autograph request.)  For close to half century, Kareem has, in the words of Peter Vecsey, "burned every bridge in front of him."

And once the sky hook was gone, and Kareem needed people to look out for him, to hook him up, to do him favors, to give him recognition, everyone who was in a position to do so had been dissed by Kareem.

And they have treated Kareem like he treated them.

Moral of the story: Even if you scored 38,000 points, you should not be a dick to people.

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