Monday, May 16, 2011


What we can learn from the Jorge Posada thing and the "whore four" is very enlightening.  Fans will tolerate a lot.  You can do steroids.  You can not hustle.  You can do drugs.  You can shoot yourself in the leg, or conduct horrible dog fights.

But certain things are sacrosanct.  And you never know exactly what they are, and where the boundaries lie, until it has been crossed.

And one of those things is that the manager makes the lineup.  And the players accept that the manager has that authority.  It's something every kid learns in little league. 

So when Posada said in effect, "kiss my ass, I ain't batting last" and decided he would not play, it hit a nerve. 

He crossed a line that should never be crossed.

And it doesn't matter that he is part of the dopey whore four, or how many championships he has been a part of, or that he has built up a lot of good will-the manager makes the lineup.

I'm sure Posada was shocked at how people reacted, but it was refreshing to see it.  He was tampering with something so basic and fundamental, and the same fans who will tolerate a lot of things, drew the line at Posada's behaviour.

And that's that.

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