Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Collect Nothing

Of all the great reforms put forth by Governor Walker in Wisconsin, the one that libs least want to lose is the collection of union dues by state government.

They know it's their life blood.

And that's why it needs to be abolished everywhere.

Starting now-in Wisconsin.

It is a totally private function, done on behalf of a private organization, but provided by the taxpayer.

It is indefensible.

Think about it: the state deducts money from the paycheck of union workers, collects that money, and then hands it over to the union.

Why should any state allocate resources to collecting money for a private organization?

What exactly does the taxpayer get from this arrangement?

Public Sector union leaders know that they owe their existence to this arrangement they have with liberal politicians.

They get their money no matter what.

They have no worries when it comes to cash flow-all because of this sucker deal.

Let these unions chase down their own members for their dues.

And that's exactly what happened for a brief shining moment in New York City.  After the last illegal transit strike, Governor Pataki told the union, "collect your own dues."  And what happened? 30% of union members stopped paying.  Which resulted in the union bosses having to use time and resources like a bill collector harassing their members to pay up.

It was a great public policy.  It forced unions to collect money themselves, and made them directly accountable to their members.  And every moment they spend bill collecting was less time devoted to shaking down taxpayers.

But it didn't last. Not in hopelessly liberal New York.  After 18 months, Governor Patterson went back to the old way, and the money came flowing in again to the union coffers.

But Governor Walker seems to have what it takes to win this fight.

For the good of all of us, let's hope he wins.

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