Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Fraud Five

Jalen Rose has done the impossible: by calling the black Duke players Uncle Toms, he has made me sympathetic to Duke.  What a horrible thing for me to feel-especially on the eve of the tournament.

Rose made his tasteless observation when he was promoting his bogus documentary, "The Fraud Five."

The Fraud Five never won a championship, never took a Big Ten crown, and they get their own documentary?

From all accounts their biggest contribution was the length of their shorts and the color of their sneakers.  Make a mental note: when the most memorable thing about a team is their sense of fashion, you know they never won anything.

But there is a Fab Fraud Documentary worth making: the relationship between Chris Webber and Detroit bookie Ed Martin.  Someone should look under the hood and tell us what they find.

Anyway, Grant Hill responded to Rose's comments in the New York Slimes, linked below. It's a masterful take down of Rose by Hill.

And while you should read the whole thing, take note of this little tidbit:

I come from a strong legacy of black Americans. My namesake, Henry Hill, my father’s father, was a day laborer in Baltimore.

How awesome-Grant Hill is named after his grandfather, Henry Hill!  I wonder if his grandmother is named Karen?

Grant Hill's Response to Jalen Rose -

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