Sunday, March 13, 2011

National Punked Radio

To paraphrase Shaq, hey NPR, how does James O'Keefe's ass taste?  From now on, NPR is officially known as National Punked Radio.  How could it happen?  I mean, the people who run NPR are the brightest people we have in America-just ask them.  They don't cling to to their religion or their guns at National Punked Radio. 

They are much to progressive for that.

They are the elite of the elite-the green (energy) berets of liberal aristocracy. I mean, they speak so softly on National Punked Radio, isn't that a sign of high- level intelligence?  They went to the finest schools, they broadcast from their taxpayer paid for ivy tower and spread the liberal gospel from coast to coast.

And they got punked.

Big time.

By a 26 year old kid.

F them. 

God bless James O'Keefe.

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