Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Parades

They are making the Son of Mario into the next Milton Friedman because of the budget he just passed. 


He cuts spending by a puny 2%-and is hailed as a fiscal hero?

The fact that this budget is  being celebrated shows how pathetic we have become.

This budget solves nothing.

It does nothing regarding pension reform.  Without that, the 2% cut is like putting an ace bandage on the ankle of a lung cancer patient and giving them a clean bill of health.

The budget is silent on putting much-needed caps on medical malpractice lawsuits,which is killing the state.  

He avoids the public unions altogether, including the insanity that allows the teacher's union to decide who gets laid off.

Speaking of the teachers union, you know how you can tell if the Son of Mario is doing a good job?  When the unions hate his guts as much as they hate Chris Christie and Scot Walker, that's when.

There's nothing brave in this budget;we are still on the road to fiscal ruin. 

So don't throw him a parade.

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