Sunday, August 15, 2010

"F" K-Rod

So Francisco Rodriguez beats the shit out of the grandfather of his children in front of his kids and other kids. The Mets wanted to suspend him for a long stretch but the Player's Union stepped in and said beating up and old man is only worth a two game suspension.

And he served the suspension and is back on the team.

But there is another penalty available. And the Players Union has no jurisdiction on the penalty I am talking about.

It turns out this is not Rodriguez's first violent brush with the law. He has a criminal record in California and Venezuela. For violence.

Rodriguez is a guest in this country. He has a work visa. And that visa can be revoked if he is convicted of a violent crime.

If he is convicted of beating up the grandfather, he should be deported.

As far as I know, there is nothing in our Immigration laws that grants a waiver from deportation if you throw a baseball 90 miles per hr.

Send him back home, and let's see if Hugo Chavez will pay him $13 million to play baseball.

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