Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Fix Was In

Remember in Goddfellas when Tommy went to the meeting thinking he was gonna get "made" but instead he got whacked?

How bout the 1988 Seoul, Korea Olympics, when Roy Jones Jr. beat his opponent (from South Korea) pillar to post but then lost a home-team decision to South Korean judges?

Or how bout the 2006 NBA playoff series between the Spurs-Suns, in which Baldman was a heavy investor, which had Tim Donaghy as a referee?

In each case the fix was in. The result was rigged before the process began.

And that's what happened with the 9-11 Health & Compensation bill. And no one knows that better than Anthony Weiner.

Here is what what happened:

As you know, most bills before Congress get passed by having a majority vote in favor of the bill. You get one vote more than the other side-and the bill passes and is sent to the Senate.

But the liberals in Congress did not use the "majority rules" process for this bill.

They set it up by requiring a super-majority: 2/3 of Congress was needed to pass the bill.

And they knew they could never get that.

So they brought a bill to a vote which they had no intention of passing.

Which is unspeakably cruel, when you consider that you are dealing with the health and welfare of the first responders.

The question is why? Why did they do it?

Here's why:

The Democrats put the interests of illegal aliens ahead of the 9/11 heroes.

Let me explain:

To pass a bill the "majority rules" way, you have to allow other members of Congress to attach amendments to the bill.

Because Republicans wanted to make sure that only the 9/11 heroes received the benefits of the bill, they wanted to add an amendment that said illegal aliens were not eligible to receive any benefits from the bill.

Not a dime.

Since there are citizenship and residency requirements to be a firefighter or policemen-it seems like a very reasonable provision-right?

Shouldn't every penny go to the heroes?

Isn't that the obligation of our elected officials-to make sure that the money goes ONLY to those who it is intended for?

Do you have any doubt that if left to their own devices, the radical libs in Congress would turn this bill into an open-ended entitlement program?

Even if you told them that it can only go to cops & firemen, libs like Pelosi & Weiner would argue: "The cop who was a 9/11 first responder used a nightstick that was made from a tree from Mexico. Therefore Mexico helped us on 9/11-because we were all Americans that day."

And that's how you end up with illegal aliens getting paid off on the 9/11 bill.

Think that's a stretch?

Don't you see how these people think?

Look at affirmative action.

It was designed to help those African-Americans who are the descendants of slavery or suffered from the Jim Crow laws in the American South-all admirable goals.

But once the liberals in Congress got it's hand on it-affirmative action was extended to groups that never suffered under slavery or Jim Crow.

You could be a millionaire immigrant from Zaire and qualify for affirmative action.

Or a Hispanic.

Neither suffered from slavery or Jim Crow.

Neither are supposed to qualify for affirmative action.

But they do-because of liberals in Congress and the Courts-they do.

So with liberals the exception not only becomes the rule-it overwhelms the rule.

And that's what Republicans were trying to stop here.

By putting in provisions that the money go to only 9/11 heroes-Republicans were doing the right thing here.

But liberals see illegal aliens as their core constituency group.

Think about the absurdity of that.

So they did not want to be put in the position that would make them vote on a bill that would put them on the record of choosing the heroes over the illegal aliens.

To the libs, that was too much to bear.

So they rigged the process-and did not allow any amendments.

But when you do so it requires a 2/3 super majority-which they knew they could NEVER get.

So they stood with the illegal aliens over the 9/11 heroes.

All that needed to happen to pass this bill was to add an amendment that said illegal immigrants could not qualify for the funds.

And never let anyone tell you any different.

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