Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He Set Me Straight

I was confused-I thought the ACLU always took a hard stand against what they called the separation of church & state? They have brought lawsuit after lawsuit to eliminate school prayer, vouchers for poor kids to attend Catholic schools and the use of House and Senate Chaplains just to name a few. Yet, they have not brought any litigation against the use of taxpayer funds to sponsor the Ground Zero Flying Imam's Middle East tour to promote Islam or the Ramadan dinner hosted by Obama.

Surely, if the ACLU believes school prayer violates the separation of church and state requirement than how can a religious prayer breakfast/dinner conference hosted by the President in his official capacity as President not violate the same rule?

Like I said I was confused, but a friend of the Stoop cleared it up for me:

"Yes, it is true the ACLU believes in the separation of church and state, but they do not believe in the separation of mosque & state."

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