Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Obama & Bloomy: Please Treat The Mosque Like Boy Scouts

B. Hussein Obama and the midget Mayor of NYC -like the rest of the extreme left- are trying to position themselves as 1st Amendment defenders in the mosque debate.

Don't buy the snake oil.

The fact of the matter is, the libs who say that the mosque is a 1st amendment rights issue have a long & sorry history of being hostile to the 1st amendment rights to the most American of groups: The Boy Scouts.

And they have used in the past, and continue to use to this day, the power of government to deny this group its basic 1st amendment constitutional rights.

And all the Stoop is asking is that the left treat the mosque like they treat the Boy Scouts.

Here's the story:

As we all know, the 1st amendment does not just cover the right to worship; it also grants us the right to free speech and the right to associate and express free speech.

Now if the right to associate means anything at all, it means you have the right to exclude from your group anyone at all for any reason. That's why groups like "100 Blacks in Law Enforcement" or "NOW" can exclude people based on race or gender.

The libs see these organizations as perfectly acceptable groups exercising their 1st amendment rights.

But when it comes to the Boy Scouts-it's a different story.

You see the Boy Scouts had this crazy notion that like 100 Blacks or NOW, they had the right to control their membership and message.

So they barred homosexuals from being part of the Boy Scouts. (I know, it's horrible that they excluded Andy Dick from taking part in Boy Scout sleep away camps.)

To the hard left, the Boy Scouts were the enemy within. They demanded that the Boy Scouts alter their message and include homosexuals in their organization.

First, they conducted a public relations campaign and smeared the Boy Scouts and their supporters as intolerant hate- filled monsters.

Then when the Scouts refused to alter their beliefs, the libs left did what they always do: they used the courts in an attempt to compel the Scouts to give in to their demands.

The case went all the way to the Supreme Court, which decided that the Boy Scouts had the right to admit who they want, exclude who they wished, and speak as they desired.

And after the Supreme Court decided that the left had no right to impose their views upon the Scouts, you would think the libs would back off, right?


That's when they went into rabid overdrive.

Their new mantra: Don't let the Scouts use any public lands or facilities.

Since the Scouts heavily rely on public space to conduct their meetings-this is an especially cruel policy, which the Scouts are fighting in courts throughout America.

Make no mistake about it, municipalities all over the country are using land use and zoning laws to deny the Scouts access to public lands, simply because they do not like the fact that they are exerting their 1st Amendment rights.

And these same people tell us that zoning laws can't be used to deny the mosque from being built at Ground Zero?

If you can do it to the Boy Scouts, why can't you do it to the mosque?

I have never heard Bloomy & Barack use their bully pulpits to announce that the Boy Scouts have the right under the constitution to exclude whom they wish and government cannot deny them access to facilities simply because the government does not agree with the Boy Scouts message.

Why don't the B & B boys (Bloomberg & Barack) work from the left's Boys Scout playbook and apply it to the mosque?

I mean, if you don't like the fact that the Scouts exclude homosexuals, you must REALLY not like that ISLAM beheads gay people, right?

So publicly denounce Islam for this barbaric practice.

And do it with the same vigor you use when you speak against those who support traditional marriage.

Denounce Islam for its teachings on homosexuality and women as property with the same passion you have when you accuse the people of Arizona for being bigots.

Demand that Islam become inclusive when it comes to homosexuality, and use the Justice Department to bring lawsuits against mosques that don't grant rights to homosexuals and women.

And if you lose in the court system, just use local land use laws and regulations to deny mosques the right to build.

And when you do all that, you will put the mosque on equal footing with how our government treats the Scouts.

And we will be doing what B. Hussein Obama said at the Ramadan dinner: treating everyone equally under the law.

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