Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good Time Charlie

There goes Good -Time Charlie at his Dominican villa.  He spends time there when he is not at his four rent- controlled apartments in Harlem.  Charlie rented out the villa and never declared the income on his tax returns.  Charlie says he simply forgot to declare it.  Try using that as an excuse.

Charlie remembered that he owned the place.  He remembered to use it to escape New York winters.  He remembered to rent it out when he wasn't using it.  He remembered to collect the rent and put it in his pocket.  But declaring the income?  It just slipped his mind.

They gave a party for Good-Time Charlie in August.  He turned 80.  The fact that he was a crook was beyond dispute.  But they all showed up anyway to celebrate the life of Good Time Charlie:  Bloomberg, Cuomo, Schumer and a host of others. 

They see him as a man to be honored.

And they hold all the political power in this state.

We are doomed.


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