Monday, November 29, 2010

Take Care of Your Own

With Ireland about to go bust- and its creditors unwilling to accept Guinness to settle up accounts- Stoop pal Andrew weighs in on the debt crisis, and the need for America to look out for us, and fuck foreign aid:  

The Bono Lessons:

I usually get my inspiration while jogging and listening to music. Today it was while listening to U2's "40" and thinking about the sad state of affairs in Ireland. I wonder if Bono woke up this morning, turned on the TV, saw the thousands of his fellow countrymen marching in the streets and thought, "Jeez, maybe I should have devoted all of my charitable efforts to those suffering in my homeland rather than spending millions on people in a far away land?" I'm sure Bono, like most Irish people, has a good heart and, while things were going great in Ireland, he thought he was doing a noble thing. He could comfort himself with that thought. Or he can realize the truth. His country, like many other countries, including the USA, lost track of taking care of their own instead of taking care of others. I mean, of all the people in the world, haven't the Irish suffered enough? Now they are going to be debt ridden to Europe for generations and their poor people are marching in the streets. Maybe Bono should have spent his time helping his own country and maybe he should do that now. If you're reading this and think this is off base, well, wait until the debt crisis happens here. The riots of the 60s might look tame compared to what could happen. If that happens (and we are all praying it won't), will we look back and feel good about the trillions of dollars we poured into far away lands only to be humiliated and insulted in return. Take South Korea, where they are attacked and yet they can't even defend themselves after decades of military support and worse, they insult our President at the G20 summit. Or take Europe where we saved them from fascism and now they look at us in scorn? How about Iraq and the broader Middle East where we got rid of Sadam and now we are enemy number 1? Or Indonesia where our people gave billions of their own money outside of taxpayer dollars and we sent in our Navy yet the Indonesians hate us and blame Obama for not "doing more" to mend so-called Muslim-American relations? The list is endless (Africa, Haiti, etc.).

What have we gotten for all of our kindness and money spent? Not even a "thank you card". Nothing. Think about if we had instead spent all that money and effort in the USA on our people. Don't we deserve it?

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