Monday, November 15, 2010

Obama Over There

Stoop pal Andrew weighs in on Obama's overseas trip, the reaction of the locals ,and how they need to step up their game:  

After the recent national wipeout of the Democrats from the recent elections and the new era of government, it could be easy to gloat and continue to attack the President's policies. But I thought I'd take a moments following the great election of 2010 to instead adopt a little hope for the time being. I will begin by praising the President when he did something two years ago when he was then President-elect that I thought paid tribute to and honored one of my favorite, but little-known and often ignored national traditions. Following the election of 2008, when the financial crisis was at its peak and President Bush took his last trip to Europe, President-elect Obama said clearly that he would honor the tradition of not criticizing the President when he was abroad. And during the time that President Bush was in Europe, Mr. Obama followed that tradition. Perhaps it was the first time that Mr. Obama ever thought about that tradition or perhaps he was employing it because he saw the future and wanted the benefit of that tradition, I don't know. What I do know is that, at the time, I liked it. I have always followed it and thought it was one of the great traditions in America: Don't criticize your President while he is abroad because he is my President represents you and me and if any country has a problem with the President at that time, they have a problem with me. Party affiliation dies when the President is abroad. (I actually also follow the inverse tradition as well--when I am abroad, I defend my Nation from those who disagree regardless of the issue).

So when I recently read that, while he was visiting Indonesia and the rest of Asia, the President has been loudly criticized by many foreigners for purportedly not doing enough to fulfill President Obama's promises to repair Islamic-US relations or, for instance, that the President's economic policies are upsetting China and other non-democracies, I say to those criticizing the President: Baba Booey! First, of course, if those of you reading this in other countries don't know what Baba Booey means or who Baba Booey is, you opinions are irrelevant. Seriously, though, as to the President's alleged failure to repair Islamic-US relations, I say on behalf of America and my President to those in the Islamic world who believe in this criticism that it's your turn to step up. Let's begin with a huge "thank you, Mr. President" for our country's heroic and unprecedented assistance in responding to the 2004 tsunami disaster. Meanwhile, let's see some good ol' fashion steps toward a rejection of extremism and adoption of democracy. Let's see some marches in the streets in Jakarta and Beijing demanding freedom and equality for all, including women. Let's see a protest march and a universal rejection for those who criticize the dude in Indonesia who claims he felt "forced" to shake the First Lady's hand. I mean, are you serious? Is that issue even worth a discussion? As for other criticisms about economic policy, China has more balls than a Christmas tree to attack the President for his response to help his country. To you in Commie land, I say once again Baba Booey.

In short, here's to the President's prompt and safe return to America. At that time, we can get back to the partisan games if we must, but for now--while our President is abroad, let's stick together as one Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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