Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gotta Baby That Arm

Like bedbugs, the pussification of America is everywhere.  The latest assault: high school baseball in New York City.  Specifically, the PSAL just passed a rule that varsity pitchers cannot throw more than 105 pitches in one game.

Some thoughts:

How bout we teach them to be able to count to 105 instead of a pitch count to that number?

Why are we babying these kids?  Let them throw baseballs, snowballs and rocks to their hearts content.

Before you know it, they will pass a law limiting baseball video games to 105 pitches.

Guaranteed five years from now, you are going to turn on the news and some 20 year old will be sitting in some lawyer's office saying that their high school manager let him throw more than a 105 pitches and as a result he blew out his arm.  And oh yeah, he would be in the majors if not for that dreaded breach of the pitch count-and he missed out on $50 million in lost earnings.

So we are teaching kids to be pussies, and we will pay taxpayer cash to settle frivolous lawsuits from this pussy rule.

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