Monday, November 22, 2010

Three Dicks

Last night, Chris Collinsworth must have said "Mike Vick" a thousand times.  The whole world knows him as "Michael", but Christopher Collinsworth has a special insider relationship with him, so he gets to call him Mike.  It's like calling Jordan "Mike Jordan." 

Mike Francesa does the same shit all the time, as Phil Mushnick has consistently pointed out.  Francesa's latest example: when Johnny Bench was coming on his show, he kept referring to him as "John Bench ".

John Bench?  That's like saying "I'm going to appear on the John Carson Show". 

Again, the calculated reason behind it:  I am an insider and I get to call him something different to reflect that insider status.

The worst example of this comes from all-time dickhead Reggie Jackson.

Every October, he makes the media rounds.  And he ALWAYS wants to talk about his relationship with Alex Rodriguez.

 Does he call him "Alex"?  Nah. 

Does he call him "A-Rod"?  Of course not.  That is a name used by the common people.

No, Mr. Dick-Ober refers to him as "Al".

He calls him Al Rodriguez. 

Tell me something.  If someone said to you, "Did you see Al Rodriguez last night?", would you think they were referring to the baseball player?

Of course not.

Only Michael Francesa and Christopher Collinsworth would know what Reginald was talking about.

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