Thursday, November 18, 2010

Take The Time

We are a week before Thanksgiving- where does the time go?  I know we all have a lot of important things we need to do before the year is out.  But there is one thing we should all do so I want to put out this gentle reminder.

Please don't forget to send a Christmas card to the ACLU.

Let me explain. These petty little people see a Christmas tree in the public square as the biggest threat to America. They spend their spare time counting the sheep in the public square nativity scene to determine that there is enough sheep to offset the baby Jesus and thus meet their crazed definition of a "secular purpose." 

But what can you say about a group that thinks that sheep in a nativity scene violates the constitution, but sex between a man and a sheep is protected by the 4th amendment's right to privacy?

So Christmas, and the public celebration of Christmas drives these people crazier than Charlie Sheen with a pocket full of crack. 

So send them a Christmas card.  You see, when the ACLU gets mail, they hope it's a donation. When they open it up and see that it is a Christmas card, the level of disappointment in the ACLU office must be like the time that these so-called privacy advocates tracked down Robert Bork's movie rentals and it included such salacious titles as "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington & Miracle on 34th Street".

And the more time they spend opening up Christmas cards, the less time they have to file lawsuits to get rid of nativity scenes.
And the more Christmas cards the ACLU receives, the more disappointment we can bring to these Scrooges.

So do your part and wish the ACLU a very Merry Christmas.

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