Friday, July 2, 2010

Heir Coryell

I just read that Don Coryell died. My first reaction was "I thought he was already dead". That ever happen to you? It happened recently when Art Linkletter died as well. Years ago, I thought of a game show "Dead or Alive?" in which you give the contestants names of people who have not been in the public eye for years and they have to guess whether the person was dead or alive. If the person was alive, and the contestant thought they were dead, you have the old fuck show up from behind a curtain. I thought of this game show idea about 10 years ago, when a friend and I both swore that Buddy Ebsen was dead, and we looked him up on the Internet and not only was he alive, he was selling paintings via the Internet! We were blown away that a guy we thought was dead was not only alive, but was using the most modern of all technologies to earn a living.

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Captain Kangaroo said...

Art Linkletter was on the fourth boat to land on Omaha beach and Buddy Ebsen was an Army Ranger in Korea May they rest in peace