Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The New Benedict Arlen

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was the only Republican on the Judiciary Committee to vote in favor of Elena Kagan's nomination. Here is his explanation:

But I understood — we lost; President Obama won. The Constitution in my view puts a requirement on me not to replace my judgment for his.”

What a statement. The man says the Constitution does not require him to question Obama's judgment when it comes to Supreme Court nominations? A job with a lifetime appointment, with no means of removal, that makes decisions that affects all of our lives?

And what Obama says goes?

What exactly does "advice and consent" mean?

The woman has never even been a Traffic Court judge.

She exhibited actual animus by throwing the military off campus-at a time when we were fighting two wars.

Graham is as wrong as could be. But if you examine his record--he is an open borders man-- it is no surprise.

He has officially taken Benedict Arlen Specter's place. And what happened to Benedict Arlene should happen to him.

South Carolina: add this man to the unemployment rolls.

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