Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Round One

So Judge Bolton issued a preliminary injunction blocking Arizona from implementing its Immigration law. Of course, that is not the last word, but some thoughts:

1) The decision has no basis in law. None. The Arizona law does not pre-empt federal law; it mirrors it. Exactly. Always remember that.

2) Telling Arizona that it cannot enforce its immigration laws because it would produce a strain/drain on the feds is tantamount to a judge saying you can't enforce murder/robbery or any other law because there are not enough jails and therefore it would jam up the judicial system. It's senseless.

3) Obama is the racial arsonist in chief. He poisoned the well early on by saying that "a Hispanic could be walking the down the street eating ice cream with his kid and the police could stop him and ask for his papers." He knew the Arizona law DOES NOT ALLOW that. He just wanted to demonize the good people of Arizona. Never forget that.

4) Bolton was appointed by Clinton. When you elect Clinton & Obama, you end up with Bolton & Sotomayor. In legal jargon, these activist judges are called "the fruit of the poisonous liberal." Ever the more reason to oppose Kagan-real hard. They had Dead Kennedy slander Bork. They had their minions trump up fraudulent sexual harassment charges against Clarence Thomas. And we have Lindsey Graham asking Kagan where she went to dinner for Christmas. Enough.

5) After all the demagoguery by the racial arsonist in the White House, the Justice Department, the left wing press, the ACLU, the libs in Congress, and the rest of that cabal, after all that, 75% of Americans support the Arizona law. That is 3 out of 4. There is strength in numbers, folks.

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