Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We Are In Serious Jeopardy

You want proof that this country is doomed? Watch the video below. These kids are shown a picture and asked to identify the man in the picture. The man is Ronald Reagan. And none of them could do it.

Whether you like him or not, Reagan is a monumental figure in American history. And he is being written out of our history books in our own lifetimes.

The history classes in American schools spend about 10 minutes on the Cold War. It goes like this "The Soviet Union had their system, and we had ours. Their goal was to bring prosperity to the masses, and they were not able to achieve their goal because of the massive economic pressure applied by the American government. Now let's turn to the rise of Barack Obama.......

Here's hoping that there were 3 horrified fathers that took off their belt and whipped their kids once Trebek went to a commercial....

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