Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eye On Government

When the leaves begin to turn, I think of three things: (1) playoff baseball; (2) my beloved football Giants; and (3) Joe Paterno's glasses.

Jo Pa's glasses. With lenses so thick, they could be used to bullet- proof the pope mobile. Those lenses can be nationalized as solar panels to heat the entire eastern seaboard.

But I would be remiss if I did not comment on the frames. Joe's lenses get all the love, but no one takes the time to describe the frames.

The frames that Joe uses are very popular.

When you are a member of a government worker's union, you receive free optical care. And every year, you are entitled to one free pair of glasses. And when you go to pick out your pair of glasses, they show you all the frames that you can choose from under your union plan. And those frames, the government union frames, are always the most fucked up looking frames in the store.

And every year, you get to go back to that same vision center and pick up your union-sponsored glasses.

So if you see anyone walking around with the Joe Pa look, just know they are proud members of a government workers union.

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